Selling products to Pax?

I’d go with weed. Maybe work in a deal with the local pizza bar. Pax on the way home after a hard night. If they don’t want pizza right away make sure they have the pizza guys number and when the pax calls the pizza guy an hour later and maybe you can work the delivery in as well.

Pax Insurance. Just kidding. If you are going to sell, always go for a big ticket item. You should try getting into Real Estate, or other services and use Uber to spread the word, rentals etc.

All of the above. If its a hot day and you happen to have cold water, nothing says you have to give it away for free. If the customer wants it, they can have it for a price. Same for snacks, candy, gum. I would avoid selling the use of your charger.

Uber riders only want one thing. Booze… Booze and more Booze. Sell them Booze and you will make millions. Maybe those tiny mini bottles of the high end brand name Booze. Alcoholics love those.

You could also add to your mobile store some trendy knock off watches,sunglasses,embroidered hats,fancy umbrellas, imitation jewellery,hair gel, hair brushes, hair clips, hair spray,head phones, fresh seasonal fruits, variety of snacks,tampons etc etc. and keep very cheap products to match your customers.

I learned on here to sell Fireball Shots, you can get them at most liquor stores for $1 to $2 and then you can turn around and sell them for $5. They are popular as hell, you just need to make sure you never sell to underage riders.

I’ve been making Beef Jerky for about 15 years. I keep sample of each flavor up front with me. I don’t push it, but if it comes up ( pax: Is this your full-time job? me: No, I’m retired, just part time, I also make my own Beef Jerky. pax: Really! I love jerky. me: Do you like hot or not?). At this point I offer a sample of a flavor they may like. If they ask if I sell it, then I offer it. I keep a supply in back. It actually guarantees a 5 star. Drunks love it!

I’m waiting for recreational marijuana to become legal here. I plan to make my Uber car a rolling dispensary because I truly am a customer service oriented kind of guy. Besides, who doesn’t love the smell of a marijuana dispensary, well…other than my bride, I mean.

ballsy, I doubt Uber would give a shit but the B.A.T. might have a problem. Remember when they killed that guy for selling loose smokes…

Fresh fruit. You can have a trailer on the back of the car and park between jobs. Pop up a canopy and you are set. Could be a winner not enough fresh fruit stalls around nowadays.

Works in Thailand. Passengers might tell you where they want go but you know where they REALLY want to go. Try getting a ride there and not end up at a Soapy Massage Emporium. Drivers should be encouraged to think outside the square.

But that still won’t qualify him for XL, maybe select? I would have to give my driver 2 stars, 3 on a good night for picking me up in a Pink Caddie

Rent out the use of the aux cable and phone chargers. Well to use the aux cable its $2 but wait it’s a x1.5 surge so that actually $3. To use the phone charger its a 50 cent connection fee and a 75 cents a minute.

Looks like it’s time for me to get my FFL and sell guns in my car!!! I will even throw in one magazine full of ammunition to test the gun they are buying to shoot it out out in the desert! I’ll throw in a free class of how to use their left hand grabbing their junk and in the right hand their gun tilted sideways aimed from above the head like a true gangsta!

Now that I think of it, selling booze, dope, crack, and coke in my car would be really lucrative. Who says you can’t make money being an Uber driver?

Where in the agreement does it say that? How do they have the right to prevent you from running a business- they are not even an employer.

Given what you selling is legal, you have the legal right to sell anything you want. Uber may be wrong to deactivate you, but good luck trying to take a multi-billion international company to court by yourself (or with an attorney on your budget). I am pretty confident in assuming none of you are rich enough to take on Uber.