Seems like some kind of scam they are trying to run


(Anderson Lee) #1

Weird thing happened to me today, wanted to know if anyone else experienced this…
I got a request for an XL job from Queens mall. As I am approaching, I got a phone call from an uber number (when a pax calls you), a guy with a weird accent said, “hello this is David with uber” and went on to tell me he needed to verify some of my information, and I replied with “email me, I am driving, can’t speak on the phone right now” and hung up.
They called 4 times and I didn’t pick up…then they called from a different number and started with; “this is Jamal with uber technologies, you are eligible for a $200 bonus”, I told him, fantastic. Email me more info, you should have my info on file and hung up…
when I pulled up to the location, the pax texted me to cancel the ride and specify “other” for reason…I waited 5 mins, for my cancelation fee, canceled and moved on…
what would you guys do? Should I report this to uber?

(Kenneth Miller) #2

It’s a scam they get ur info and change ur direct deposit with Uber and collect what u made that week

(Paul Garcia) #3

Remember when you report it to Uber they may put a hold on your account to make sure it hasn’t been compromised so if you reported to them make sure that you verify that it’s you and that your account has been compromised otherwise to me put a hold in your account and not pay you when it’s time to be a paid so you might want to go to a Greenlight Center and report that and make sure you’re not put on hold because if you call the helpline Center they’ll do that and not even tell you and then you’ll be scratching your head you know trying to figure out when your money is coming in so make sure that you go to an Greenlight Center and reported there but make sure that there’s no hold in your account

(David Smith) #4

I have T-Mobile though it automatically does that is the numbers come in if it might be a scam so I know it’s a scan before I can pick up the phone

(Audrina Jameson) #5

It’s best left if you let it slip under the rug if you haven’t let them into your account cuz you know that’s the old saying goes no good deed goes unpunished you take it into the hands of Hoover they’ll mess it up and I will take you like a week to clear it up for me it took about almost to of me screaming at them and then going to the Greenlight Center and talking for about an hour to make sure I got my freaking money so I know

(Mitchel) #6

I don’t know if you know this, but you can say the punctuation you want to put. I use it all the time! Like I could say, “I am at work right now period” and it would put “I am at work right now.” You can do it with periods, question marks, commas, etc.

(Haris_McMan) #7

Please report it to uber , it’s a nation wide scam where these pretend uber and driver reps are attempting to extort drivers earnings

(Amanda Halen) #8

These scam crooks are to lazy and stupid to get real jobs , so they go after vulnerable drivers with the hopes of tapping into your account details

(Maurice Nixon) #9

Scam, you did the right thing. Get them off the phone ASAP and report it to the police, they need this info to stop this from happening.

(Andrew Martin) #10

Good thing you hung up… I didn’t and he replaced my card number with his own and used my instant pay to steal my money.

(Kimberly Nelson) #11

That’s a scam you need to report to uber .they get your information take your money. Don’t give them any information uber doesn’t call you