Seems like everybody’s on a low budget!

Why are soooooo many fares cheap non-tipping people? I swear, 1 out of 20 rides I’ll get a tip. And I have an almost perfect rating. I accommodate them all with bottled water, gum, tissues etc.

The reason I won’t take that extra step however I am going to start supplying half-an-hour rides with a bottle of water a small bottle if it’s a half an hour or more not even worth it

When you give them water and gum … for free , they think your rich driver , they don’t need to tip you .

Welcome to the glorious world of Uber.A company that changed the Tipping culture in America…Taxi drivers get tipped. You are a Taxi driver like it or not…Take the word Rideshare and shove it…Uber and Lyft are Cab companies without the responsibility of treating the people that make them the money like a normal company would…Sub Contractor for a Taxi company all we are

Okay newbie here’s the problem, you are providing them with free shit so they feel free to walk all over you and leave you no tip. They see doormat written across the back of your head. Time to take the water and gum and other shit out of your car. You provide two things to your passenger, a ride from point A to point B and barf bags. You provide nothing else not even phone chargers because they will break them or steal them.

This Uber game is really becoming a glorified mode of public transportation. Move over NJ Transit!

not a newb here. Been on this game for nearly a year. I have a car seat and a booster seat in my trunk for them to rent for $10. No one walks over me. Merely venting over cheap bastards. An 8 pack of the nips is $2. I’m not hurting for it. It’s a nice gesture. And the people who actually appreciate it do tip because of it.

I offer absolutely nothing except free barf bags. And I will let them use my Android charger if they need it but that is all.

we used to offer when he was $2.70 a mile remember that Mitchell the good times water candy we made money why not we used to treat them those all days gone

Why not I was making over the weekend for Friday and Saturday $800 I my to spend 20 bucks

In 4 1/2 years they asked me for water twice, both drunks, no one ever asked for anything else but phone charger.

grossing $2.70 per mile and $0.40 per minute it seems like a good idea to offer water and candy. We weren’t getting tips anyway and we were trying to make Uber look good because we wanted people to use it. It was a different time in the beginning and a different strategy.

I remember a girl in North Bergen once asked me “aren’t you guys suppose to have appetizers or something?”

I started with 225 a mile no it’s a joke I’m ashamed even to put it down how much the paid now but I’m not driving for that money I just wait for the surg

I always at least tip my rides when I go 2 to 3 dollars
I usually just go 7m away, it’s the least I can do.

working for $0.60 a fucking mile, what would possess you to provide refreshments for your passengers?
If you were working for 2 bucks a mile I can see it but you working for 60 fucking cents for Christ’s sake.

I found the people who drink the bottled water don’t tip they don’t even thank you for the bottled water. The ones who use the tissues, throw them on the floor and I am in a Premium vehicle Mercedes or Porsche SUV. So I stopped give out stuff. Now my vehicles are always clean. I get tips from people who I occasionally pick up not expecting a Premium ride and they usually tip $2-10.

Nothing wrong with you, it was an Uber fault when they broke tip taxi system. Now it’s a wrong tier to expect tip from x rides. Why do they take x? Cause it’s cheap and they won’t spare a penny with you. There are exceptions but very few.

The whole idea behind Uber and Lyft when they first came out was that the driver is making more money then a regular cab driver, so you don’t have to tip. Most people just choose to hold on to that.

Extras or not, people are cheap.

Although last night, much to my surprise…I received a $5 tip on a short ride that she could have walked .