Scared of Pax having something sharp in their pocket and rip the seat

Why is it that every passenger gets in the passenger side when getting in the backseat and slides over to make way for other passengers? I can see this if parked along a road and the sidewalk is on the passenger side, but even if it’s not they still do this, every damn time. The edge of the rear seat on the passenger side of the car I was using for rideshare (but just sold) was nearly destroyed after 2 years. And I am always scared they will have something sharp in their pocket and rip the seat as they slide their fat ass across. Now I have a new car with black leather seats and I’m worrying they will do the same to this car. I guess there’s nothing I can do right?

i’d recommend seat covers to prevent damage from them sliding. Problem is finding covers that will fit and not slide around and look like shit.

I noticed they do that to me too. And I have electric doors and open both of them and still…

My windows are tinted so this happens often, it’s rare that the original pax moves over tho

Get out of the car open the other back door and act like you’re doing them a favor

I am in the process of buying a car, and this are aspects I am keeping on mind for the car I get. I am financing, so I am getting something that I don’t mind so much getting destroyed, and also that I can pay off in a year or so, and then I will get MY good car, that wont be used for ride share.

My brother got a Ford Edge and told them he was buying it to Uber in it. So they got him the warranty coverage package. It’s not cheap, but gives him piece of mind that he’ll be able to sell it or get good value out of it when he’s done

I keep a blanket on my back seats and tuck it around the seatbelts. Not only does it protect the fabric but god forbid someone spills something then atleast there is a barrier too

This happens to me all the time and I always wonder WTF the reason for it is??? I have black leather seats that were in perfect condition and because of the sliding I have a huge deep scratch. I don’t know exactly who did it otherwise I would have definitely got paid for it. Just glad to hear that I’m not the only one thinking about this

I have automatic folding middle seats. Unfortunately the buttons are by said seats and the lyft gate. I’m installing buttons in the center consoke to fold the seats. This way when they need to get to the back seat incan fold one side down. This Also keeps the person from sliding across the middle seats lol

People forget that your car is now a work vehicle. It’s going to get dirty, scratched, scraped, worn out.

Be more concerned about your mileage than a worn out seat.

The sooner you realize this the better.

Same thing happened to door handles. You can find a lot of scratches by fingers, rings, cell phones, etc. as pax not caring other people’s car.

My previous vehicle had leather seats, no issues. I have a new car with cloth seats. My observation is that the riders I pick up will walk around the car to get in on the opposite side of the vehicle, instead of the door that is closest to them. They will either sit in the back or the front. Not sure why they do it.