Scanning page and seeing complaints.. get job you enjoy most

I’m sitting here just scanning through the page and seeing a bunch of complaints, especially about how Uber treats its drivers. I’m sorry some of you are having problems, but…I don’t see a gun to your heads forcing you to work for Uber. Or Lyft. Or anybody else. Go get a job doing something else you enjoy.

You know i see comments about unions and communism and facists and oligarchy and I either read them or I don’t and then I do NOT write comments about them. Just kidding people like the job , hate Uber for fucking it up. Kalanick is a fucking piece of shit and the investors will eventually kick him out of the company.

If you dont want to see complaints. I recommend you dont join a group where workers that get treated like crap go to vent.

should one’s only choice be to work or to quit? Should valid complaints be allowed to be voiced?

I agree with what said not everyone may be in the same position as you. I for one think that I choose to not be a person to keep my mouth shut

First of all, we have the right to vent. This happens even in the job market. You work your job, then you vent at the end of the day with friends. Most people aren’t happy with their jobs. This is a reality. So stop telling others that are complaining or venting to stop or go get a job. We do what we do and keep it moving. As you should do if you don’t like the comments.

Stupid post.
Take your own advice. If you don’t like this group, nobody’s holding a gun to make you stay.
Bye bye

I really think uber is only for extra cash. We cant depend on it to pay bills we never know how long it will last or if one day it just leaves your city plus the fact that we dont have a contract or a guranteed salary . I may not agree of how they treat us but im aware that i decide to go online nobody is making me do it at gun point. It would be wonderful if uber could see what a great asset we are and reward us lol but i don’t see that happening anytime soon…so meantime uber is good to earn extra money while I get my own business running.

I thought this place was for venting. Any job makes you crazy at times. If you don’t bitch about it, then you put a gun to your own head. I like the job but … Oh this topic is stale. I don’t feel like ranting anymore.

One more comment. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I like my job. I hate the company and I wish I made more money. Welcome to 21st century America

Awwwwwe, the "if you don’t like it… " post. Cute. Good thing you are here to save us from ourselves!

OMG you’re so right! We should totally take it up the ass without question because that’s how it works! We sign up, we then have to shut up forever! YOU’RE A GENIUS.


f you’re ‘scanning’ through the page, you probably noticed about 500 posts EXACTLY like yours.

I think you should do more ‘scanning’ and less ‘posting’ until you understand how this page works. Originality is appreciated here. Your post missed the target…the tree…and the entire forest.

Just a thought.

I work in the central Florida Market. Hottest tourist destination I can’t say in the world but it’s pretty God damn huge. And they want to pay the drivers jack s***. Putting on drivers every single day of the week as far as I know maybe something big is in store. But II something good happened they would f*** it up. Just my two cents worth.

I currently have a guy posting on my fb page that is insisting the earth and all planets are flat. He seems to have made it his life’s goal to convince me of this. I think you’d like him…

I’m sure that if your boss cut your pay 20% for no reason you would sit quietly and take it.

Well said “boss” but I don’t have a boss. I dont have anyone telling me please be. Here earlier tomorrow or please stay late today because it’s end of quarter like my past job . I decide each day if I want to go online or not…so as long as i don’t have a signed contract or im committed to a schedule then i just see it as a choice.

Really? I do. I get warnings when i dont accept trips.
I get warnings if too many pax cancel their requests. I get warnings not to use my phone wehn driving, yet they keep sending me pings when my car is moving, sometimes when im on a trip. They control my phone settings, i cant jailbreak my phone.