Save Your Vehicle from Puking Riders and Keep it Squeaky Clean

Being a cab driver means giving a safe, comfortable and convenient ride to the people who choose to avail your services. You are required to keep your car in the best shape inside-out. But things can go a bit sideways when you pick passengers who might just make a mess of your vehicle by littering it or worse, puking in it. For uncalled situations like these, you must have a back-up and stay prepared at all times. Let’s talk about some of the best ways to keep your car clean and protect the interior of your car from any damage.

  1. Leather Seats
    Every time a passenger books a cab, he expects the car to be super-clean and well maintained. It also means that they do not wish to see any stains or mess left by your previous passengers. Having leather seats is the easiest way to keep it clean as they do not absorb anything spilled over by the passenger as ordinary cloth covers do. The struggle of having the cloth cleaned and then getting it dried will take so much of your time, energy and money – three things which no rideshare driver can afford to waste.

  2. Weathertech floor liners
    These are said to be the best mats that you can use in your car. The mats protect the lower interior of your vehicle in all ways. Be it debris or some liquid spilled on the car’s floor; these rugs have it all in control. It fits the floor accurately which prevents any rubbish from reaching the floor. They are very easy to remove at times of cleaning them and can be mounted back again, just as easily.

  3. Ziplock bags
    They come in handy and act as a great tool that prevents your car from turning into a mess. Sometimes the passenger may give you a heads-up just in time that they are about to ruin a portion of your car. You should keep the bags easily accessible, that is within yours, as well as the passenger’s reach. The bags serve as a great deal of help when you try to protect your car from getting dirty.
    Eight out of then times you’ll find that the people who puke are the ones who are heavily drunk – this is not rocket science. So, what that means is you can easily tell by their faces if they are up to something messy. Tell them in advance about where they can find the ziplock bag or simply hand them over one of the bags.

  4. Quick detail spray and rags
    Just in case there is some stain left behind by the previous passenger, keep a detailing spray handy and available all time in your car. These come in handy and give a very glossy finish after cleaning – removing the stain as quickly as it got there in the first place. Some of the new sprays come with protection qualities that keep your car free of harmful germs. It is always better to have a spray and rag to give your car a quick clean now and then.

  5. Enzyme Odor-removers
    In case your passenger has already puked and has made a mess in the back-seat, you will realize that the odor is going to be very hard to get rid-off. Keep an Enzyme odor remover in your car for times like these.
    After getting rid of the mess, use the detailing spray once the passenger is done puking and is feeling better. Once you are completely done with it, get your Enzyme Odor remover again and respray the area with it. That will get rid of the stench and rest of the ride will be made much easier. Make sure that the cleaner does say ‘odor’ remover while you’re buying it.

6. Wipes

Wipes act as a back-up in the situations when you’ve forgotten to keep your detailing spray in the car. Small and very thin, they still can do the cleaning job for you. Though they are preferred for minor stains, they still can be the savior in times of need. Also, if you have a messy passenger in your car, the wipes just might protect you from other possible stains like hands wiped from the car seat. Just hand over the wipes to the passenger, and the rest will be their job.

7.  PERK Vent wraps

PERK vent wraps are air fresheners that also act as an alternative for the odor removers. If there is a stench in the car, you’ll hardly notice it given you have already installed the wraps on your car’s vents. Above that, the fragrance will last for 60 days. The strip is too small to block any airway – but does the job for you in the most amazing way.

8. Bags

Always keep a considerable trash-bag in your car. Inform your passengers beforehand that if they are carrying any eatables, they can throw the wrappers in the trash bag and not in the car or out of the window. You can keep the bag in the back of your car and tell them the same. It will help you in keeping your ride clean.
One day or other, someone will throw up in your car and make a mess out of it. But, handling such scenarios is part and parcel of this job and the best way to prevent it from happening in the first place to keep these useful tools in your car.

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