Safety of the cleanliness

I know we are not obligated to give any passenger a ride ever and that we can tell them to gtfo if we need to… but I’m worried about driving today… especially late cuz I’m afraid of the pukers.

If I get to them and they are sloppy drunk can I cancel on them without getting penalized? I do not want to even collect a no show fee because I know it’s my judgment call to not allow them in my car.

I don’t want to risk my car getting ruined. $250 is an insignificant amount of money to get if the puke gets all over my interior and ruins my earning days while I get it properly cleaned.

Can I cancel on these sloppy fools and use a reason that I feared for my safety… the safety of the cleainess of my car… or even if I feel unsafe riding with someone that overly impaired which is very true statement.

I view my job as taking civilized people from point a to point b without needing to be in fear that they will lose control of their bodily functions or be rude and disrespectful or straight up any kind if crazy because they are so inebriated and drunks can be very uncivilized.

I can all ready hear the jack asses… If you don’t like it don’t be a driver blah blah blah… but to those fools all I can say is in not risking my car or my safety just because I agree go transport people. I agree to transport respectful people who know how to act. Not humans who act like animals

Just work until 11 pm like me. I take them to the party but refuse to pick them up afterwards. Surge or not, my well being is worth more than I’ll be making on rideshare.

That was my plan too… to just call it an early night.

I always try to work early and stop once u get the tipping point vibe that its the witching hour and people’s sloppiness is going to get worse and worse.

A few cancellations wont hurt. Maybe a temp ban. Of you make a habit of cancelling then you are at risk for deactivation.

can I hit no show since they didn’t show up to the ride with their common sense or manners or their ability to keep the contents of their stomach inside their body?

Like I said. I wouldn’t want to collect the cancel fee… i want then to use that money to find a different driver so their sloppy asses don’t attempt to drive on their own.

I don’t want to get punished for not wanting that type of human in my car. But I don’t want to be forced to do something I do not want to do.

You can cancel and opt not to charge a fee. At least in uber…not sure about lyft. Then I would hit help on the ride and let uber know the pax was not coherent hence the cancellation. May or may not affect you. But as I said…a few cancellations wont hurt and even better if you tell uber why.

Has no one ever picked up someone from a bar before? Everyone here a new driver?

Yes I have picked civilised coherent people up from bars before but I am not their mother or their keeper and I do not want to be responsible for people who at that point can not be responsible for themselves because they are such pathetic sloppy garbage humans. Days like today that encourage the more shit faced you get the better worry me and I have a right to be worried. Enjoy a drink. Get drunk. Don’t become a blubbering disgusting sloppy mess. I will not deal with or tolerate that in my vehicle. I wanted to figure out out how to leave these scum for the seasoned drivers like you who apparently have no problem with it. More for you to have. You should be happy

These poor “scum” need a ride so they dont drink and drive. No need to go on the offensive to justify your own actions…

Why is scum in quotes? In my opinion these type if drinkers are just as bad as any hard core drug user. They are nasty, violent, inappropriate, don’t have control of their actions, are a mess when they think they are awesome funny charming people. I believe in prohibition. Drinking to excess to where I do not want you in close proximity to me in my vehicle for an extended amount of time because of your inability to co troll your actions because of the drug you consumed, alcohol, does in my opinion make you pretty scummy. Sorry if I touched a nerve…lol

I respect your opinion but it seemed like you have a strong one and you want people to sympathize or help rationalize your actions based on your feelings.

Yes, people will get out of hand. Better that someone drives them home rather than hurt themselves or others if they get behind the wheel.

I just want to work in peace. I know I’m going to come across all type of people doing this as it is part of the service industry and working with the public.

I just like to clarify what the rules are and what my rights are and how to not get in trouble and avoid sticky situations.

Learn as I go but I try to be a good person and do the right thing. Not just for myself but the riders to.


I love it that dwi’s have gone done dramatically since ride share has grown in popularity.
As I said I’m a huge proponent of drinking in the first place but since people are I want them and the public to be safe.

But I am just not the one who can or wants to seal with it.

Maybe the platforms can make a drunk option and people more skilled on handling these type of people can be the preferred drivers.

Just like a lot of people don’t want anything to do with driving minors… If there was a hop skip jump in my market I would totally do it.

I guess every body has preferences and there are so many subset of types of riders that the platforms can Carter to.

And btw I have never denied a ride to anyone except the hundreds of parents without car seats for their young children. I’ve dealt with drunks and intoxicated people plenty of times… but Jared every minute of the sloppy ones. Those are just the ones I’m try to avoid.

I know I’m rambling now but I’m not working because of my anxiety about the drunks so I have nothing else to do right now. Just trying to work up the nerve to honour before it gets too late

Just don’t start the ride until they get in and you can see how they look. If you don’t want to take them say to get out and click don’t charge rider. Or no show. Whatever lol sadly, tonight the true drinkers will already be drunk by 11. Lol today is an all day event.

I have a purple pail that says “Puke Pot” on it. I line it with plastic store bags and keep it on the front seat on weekends and drinking holidays. You sit upfront, you sit with the puke pot.

If someone pukes in the car the maximum you will get from Uber is $150 even though the passenger will most likely be charged $200.
From Lyft it can be much lower.
Don’t take anyone you don’t want to take and don’t worry about canceling. You do what you got to do.
Uber is very lenient about cancellations and lift will send you threatening emails but you should mostly be good. If you make too much of a habit of canceling with Lyft over a period of time they might temporarily deactivate but I wouldn’t worry about it.
If they can’t walk under their own power definitely don’t take them.

If anyone cares… I stayed out till about 3. NO OVERLY INTOXICATED DRUNKS!!! I wouldn’t even consider any one tonight as even remotely drunk. only 5 BAR pick ups.

I submitted my question to lyft support and I’m going to Keep their respond in my email for my records… the official answer lol

Ty to people who had helpful advice on the topic

Don’t drive at night. You can drive them to the bars but don’t pick them up at the bars. Nothing good happens at night.

After 1am, I always make a phone call to he pax . I just confirm the pickup spot. Usually you can tell how sloppy they are on the phone. If they sound a mess I cancel before getting there