Run 2 phones primarily if doing both Uber and Lyft apps simultaneously

It’s also helpful to not have to mess with the destination address if the pax has multiple pax drop offs (you can put the address in the other phone map app) or if they want to make a stop or two you can put the address in or search on the other phone. Just speeds things up a bit, less drinking around.

I really dont care what you do except when it comes to messing around with other people’s income. Deliberately requesting a ride only to cancel 4 minutes later so you can try to force people to join your scam is really scummy.

Your scheme may work for a short while but eventually, Uber will catch up with you and will probably tweak the system to prevent these abuses from happening again. Perhaps they’ll tweak the algorithm for surges or change up how cancellation fees are paid. However they handle it, I guarantee the end result will make it even worse for the drivers than it already is. I only hope for the sake of the drivers in your market that Uber pulls your driver account before you screw it up for the rest of them.

I’d almost think you would better handing out fliers to the sign up line. But then if there their, there determined anyway. Which most will have to find out for themselves.

I request a ride. Driver shows. I cancel before 5 minutes thus driver gets $0. However, I give driver $2 cash and explain why. According to you, I should be punched for doing this.

But when UBER pays someone $2.40 BEFORE TAX you throw your hat up in the air and exclaim your love for uber!

Neither. I dont work for uber and i dont drive for uber. Im not so dumb or desperate to be a) driving around for loose change or b) spending my time thinking up hair brained schemes to try and scam the system. You can read back throuh my entire history on this forum and never see me proclaim my love for uber.

Fake activists always forfeit their argument in the very first sentence. Before the BUT. Not even after!

Why does Uber possess this right? Because you so enthusiastically grant them it?

I’m quite thankful he is in an entire country all together.

But I do give him props for trying. A billboard is a great idea to get the word out and would love to see someone do this. But in the end how effective will it be and who is going to spend that kind of money. Last I checked it was $200,000 per month in Toronto for a billboard. LA I can’t see it being anything less.

he only logs on when it is surging so his acceptance rate could be as high as 100%. and no one except you is here to screw over drivers with your poor logic. the point of this is to help drivers make more money and we have. we are independent contractors and can choose to only sign on when its surging. absolutley nothing wrong with that.

The riders use uber for the convenience not the price uber is screwing all the uber X drivers with their pricing and in a rural areasthey just want a car that will show upit has nothing to do with pricing

Idk where you people drive but in Boston I have seen my fair share of crazy uber drivers taking illegal turns, banging uturns on the Massachusetts Ave & the Gilmore bridge, go from the right lane cross 2 lanes & take a left turn why because the uber app says so. Heard of drivers accepting jobs as they are driving thru the tunnel are you people crazy for your acceptance rate lol that would be the day I will pay the 5$ toll & drive back to pick someone up for $3.20

F the acceptance rate. I agree with you. I get a daily text from Uber saying "have been canceling too many rides and "your acceptance rate is below 80% I cancel on almost everyone. Just to F with Uber.

I get the occasional low acceptance rate email. Uber has to do better job in giving an ETA that is realistic and won’t jump from 5 to 15 minutes upon acceptance for me to have higher acceptance rates.

I don’t think you will expect an answer. I’m sure he was given the boot a few weeks ago. That’s what happens when a loudmouth goes quiet. He may be back in about a week.

Hey you guys and gals. He’s close with his idea. He’s lazy in my opinion and his math is a little off. Remember we are all independent contractors. We decide what jobs we want. If there were less drivers on the road we would make more money. If drivers ignored pings the price would surge but Uber is a few steps ahead of you.

The surge works differently in San Francisco than what I think your experiencing in LA. Uber doesn’t want to charge more the goal has always been to get the FREE cars on the road and then where they want them. It has very little to do with a higher price based on demand on most days.