Roundtrip killing my rating

These roundtrip trip are about to kill my rating today.

1st rider got left at walmart cause she was in there longer than 5 mins…

2nd rider has a roundtrip and has the nerve to leave her friend in the car while she picked up food that she claimed was ready

3rd rider was going tk target across the street got to his gate then he wanted me to wait for hos friend…well we went to target i waited 5 mins then had to put his friend out. Lyft need to stop their shit and charge these rider $1 per min then their ass wont think they going shopping while we wait!..

I had one lady going into the store ask me if she could leave her purse in the car while she went in!
So quickly did I answer that one: “Oh, no, Ma’am; I apologize, but me alone in my car with your purse is just asking for issues later. . .”
She didn’t even listen to much past “No, Ma’am,” because she knew she was trying to leave a place holder (best case scenario) or fashion a set-up (worst case). . .

I just straight up tell people that they won’t take advantage of me and my time and refuse stops longer than one or two minutes. I’ve been burned way too bad to let those things happen anymore.

We need to really as a unit aggressively urge both platforms to charge at least charge .50 - $1 a minute for waiting any amount of time beyond 3 minutes at a stop. That comes out to about $30/hr. We also all need to unify and stop being pushed around by inconsiderate pax that try to pull this stunt because the pax complaints about drivers refusing to wait for pennies and long times will shoot through the roof. Uber and Lyft will be forced to meet us at the table.

Agree!! We get paid 12 cent a min…more like 6/7 after they get their cut. I let them know up front i only wait 5 mins thats it. Ive had to leave 4 ppl today. Marta doesnt wait wtf should we have to!!

Right and when a cab waits you come out and see the meter has gone up $12 in 10 minutes. Or at least give a time limit on the wait through the app. So they know automatically they only have 2/5 minutes

I hate that Lyft allows these two stop rides and then Lyft says 10 minutes should be the maximum time to wait for them to return. I always cringe when I see I got one of these trips. the fact they even tell the passengers 10 minutes is BS to me. 5 minutes is also my limit.

I had one try to pull a quick one on me with 4 - 6 stops. I don’t know the number because I left her at the 2nd stop. First off she didn’t mention she had stops until we got to her destination then she started talking about changing destination and how Dunwoody was her final destination.

She took about 10 minutes at her 1st stop after claiming she was literally walking in and out. I gave her leeway because Dunwoody was about 10 miles away and I thought that was her only stop. When she changed her destination to something around the corner I already made up my mind that she was getting left there… If she broke 5 minutes. She also claimed she’d be in and out but fool me 1 time shame on you, but fool me can’t get fooled again (in my G.W. Bush voice).

I told her I had to use the restroom, her second stop was a tower so I’m not about to fight to find parking, I drove half a mile down the road to a nearby hotel to use the restroom. Before leaving I told her, surely you’ll be out by the time I return and she agrees. 8 minutes have passed and I’m pulling back up and I text her telling her we literally get paid pennies to wait (educate your riders when they try to pull this BS) She claims she’s on her way out. I wait 2 minutes then send her a have a good day text then end the trip.

Mind you her 3rd stop was Bank of America so I was holding out hope with expectation of a tip but what I’ve learned is if somebody is begging you to wait at stops and isn’t offering you a tip for your time then they either aren’t tipping or they’re not tipping much so they don’t mention it. Money says please wait way louder than words do. Her 3rd stop was also not in Dunwoody so this is how I know she had at least 4 stops planned that she was only disclosing stop to stop. You’re not getting over on me lady! Bye!

She did surprisingly tip $3 through the app probably because she knew I tried.

Yea i was gotten like that before thats why now i have no problem pullin off leaving. Iake sure to send Uber a message in comment box to why.

Lmao at the G.W. Bush comment!!!

Does the calculation come out different if a rider puts they have stops through the app VS keep changing their destination once you arrive to the first stop, then the second?

I saw i had a trip 1st stop Walmart!:frowning_face_with_open_mouth: So I asked if he were going to shop. He said no he was going to cash a check (this was around income tax time.) I politely asked him to text or call to let me know if line it long, because I am only able to wait 10 mins.

He argued me down that I get paid to wait! I was like I am sorry but I get paid to drive not to wait long periods. If it will take more than 10 mins it is best to reorder when you are done. He was so rude said they already charged him. I was like i am sorry sir but they will only charge you for miles driven and time used.

He even tried to call person that ordered Lyft to have trip cancelled when I was dropping him off at Walmart. Unsuccessful!!

I tell them up front, I’m not waiting for you to shop. When your ready order another car. Imagine shopping & waiting in a long line… The cost per minute waiting is not feasible!

I have the most 2 stops when it rains and EVERBODY knows thats when we make our money😒 damn if u fucking up my money…not about to happen!!

Now in this case I’m gone after he’s in the door. That negativity got to go. Lol.
I’ve told some who gave me that line let me meet them cause I got some changes that can be implemented

Said he or his parents work for Lyft or on the board. And he know we are suppose to wait. He felt we are suppose to wait even while a person goes grocery shopping. Smh!