Rigged ratings toward riders

(Jeffery Bennett) #1

Yesterday I had 10 rides. All but one rider had 5 star ratings. 90% perfect ratings. Now tell me I’m gonna get 90% perfect drivers when I use the app for a ride? Not even close. I think us drivers need to be more critical on rating our riders. I know I am this point forward. The rating system is rigged toward the rider.

(Malcom Max) #2

Tonight I got a one star from a drunk rider who refused to leave my car as I arrived at my destination. It was absolutely no fault of my own and I had no control over the one star. I messaged Uber and they said they can’t remove it because of their privacy policy. But I’ve also read from other drivers they have successfully gotten ratings removed before.

(Jim Johnson) #3

That is BS answer which I’ve noticed alot coming from the folks who are paid better and get benefits to help you. I get contradicting answers all the time by asking the same question twice. If you click on the ride and help then rider issues you can address that. Ive used it.