RIDESHARE TEAM - A support team for RideShare Drivers


(Len) #1

RideShare Team, a company that supports rideshare drivers in times of collision. Download the app for free, and you get to enjoy their exclusive services:

  • Express Lane in their certified auto body shops (they have around 200 partner shops in CA)
  • Insurance Deductible (which is quite high - $1000 for Uber and $2500 for Lyft), and Repair Cost Financing! They will finance it INTEREST FREE within 100 days to get you back in the road ASAP.
  • 24/7 Customer Support - They have a dispatch team that can assist you.
  • Car Rental Assistance while waiting for your car to get fixed
  • AND OTHER PROMOS like FREE CHANGE OIL if you refer a driver.

Check out their website
http://rideshareteam.com/ to know more about their service.
RideShare Team App is available for Android and Apple users!


(Bick Bhangoo) #2

Are you only available in CA? It’s not clear from your website on how much your service cost. Can you elaborate on the monthly cost to join your service?

(Len) #3


Using the app is absolutely free. You can use it to locate the nearest certified auto-body shop where you want to get your repair done; call dispatch team; and send pictures of vehicle photos for an estimate.

The repair services are NOT free, BUT… there is an express lane for RideShare Team users. You will be prioritized instead of getting in line, so you can get back on the roap asap. They finance your insurance deductible or repair cost (interest free within 100 days). And while you wait for your car too get fixed, they can assist you to get a car rental.

(Len) #4

Also, we are currently operating in CA, but we are in the process of expanding to nearby cities and other major cities.