Rideshare Insurance or Commercial Insurance? How much do you pay for it?

Who has Rideshare insurance or commercial and what company are you with?

I’m in Cali and Farmers, rideshare. I don’t have a commercial license.

USAA, $10 extra a month

Same here mine is 30$ over 6 months i was so glad when they opened it in my state

I’m in Cali as well and also use farmers rideshare policy. It does cost more but the peace of mind I have knowing in covered should anything happen is worth it. I also do carry high comprehensive and collision amounts and lower deductibles so that’s adds too the cost

Commercial insurance is for business owners. Uber and Lyft are rideshare programs, which makes you an independent contractor, so you need rides hare insurance.

USAA gave the best rates for veterans. I pay $5 a month extra and an additional $5 a month for excessive property loss addendum which covers damages to the vehicle caused by the passenger.

It’s a scam wait till you go to use it. It’s just so your insurance company knows your driving for Uber and it’s a tool to prevent fraud, for example your app is on your heading to pick up a Rider you hit another car your fault, are you going to tell uber and pay the $2,000 deductible your just going to go thru your personal insurance and pay a $300/ $500 deductible. So this tool is for when you put a claim into your private insurance they will now see if your app was on at the time of accident

I have allstate. They have a ride share endorsement. Here in California 1 million dollar liability is covered by Uber while passenger is in the car. The rideshare insurance will pay ubers deductible. While offline it’s regular insurance

I have progressive also and I have been wondering about their ride share insurance. So this topic is very interesting to me. I can bet 90%of most Uber/Lyft driving don’t have the extra insurance.

So folks…please tell us which company is the best and cheapest.

It all depends on location, driving history, age, type of car, but most of us pay too much. I pay $160 a month with State farm. They suck! They cant even get my name right on my id card. But they sure can take that money out of my account without any problems

Allstate does has the ride share program in California and it’s very inexpensive. But the insurances while you drive isn’t really cut and dried. When you are online, both your private insurance and uber’s insurance are active … when you pick up a trip, uber’s insurance kicks in completely but once the trip is over, both insurances are effective. I don’t know what the percentage are but I do know that driving uber without private insurance coverage is a fool’s game - the liability is through the roof.