Rideshare Insurance Needed Or Not For Uber And Lyft?

I need assistance in regards to car insurance through state farm. I would appreciate feedback from people that are knowledgeable on the topic and if possible from people in the state of PA…as I assume each state varies. My insurance lady was wishy-washy, not confident in her response at all, and was upselling me. Needless to say… I do not feel confident in her opinions. I have full coverage and have the state minimums needed however is the rideshare add on 100% needed for Uber? It makes my premium go up, and I would rather not pay for something that isn’t needed. At first, she said no then she said yes for needing it. Please help.

I don’t know much about it except what I hear in these threads but from what I understand it only covers the period while you’re logged in waiting for a ride. Not worth it in my book but we don’t have rideshare insurance in NC, so it’s a moot point in my case. Almost everyone in here will say it’s worth its weight in gold. By my estimation sounds worthless. Waiting for the self-described experts to chime in.

And that to me is just silly. Because an app is on I need extra coverage? You are my insurance…why do I need to pay more because an app was on? Lol.

Because uber/Lyft won’t cover you unless you’re en route to a pickup or have pax in the car.

I just mean why do I have to pay extra with state farm. If uber and lyft don’t cover during that period…that’s fair but why pay extra when state farm should cover me. How would they know my app was even on unless I told them lol

I have SF in CA - there are definitely exclusions - but well worth having - I recently had an incident in a rideshare addendum covered phase - and made it much less stressful opening the claim - cause there were no questions I couldn’t answer honestly - in fact no questions were even asked