Riders that have long prolonged goodbyes

I pull-up to a house, pax in the doorway talking … long prolonged goodbyes I note the time and start counting off my five minutes, exactly at the cut off two people come out on either side of my car literally their hands are on the doorknob as I drive away - fuck them. They ping again … Ignored

I waited 7 minutes once (before Lyft had a timer), called with no answer, canceled the ride to get my $5. Not even a second later, she opens the RR door, for me to tell her I already canceled. She was none too happy, but I drove away with a sense of gratification.

This seems a little extreme to me. Their hands were on the doorknobs of your car doors at five minutes, and you still drove away? I have no hesitation to drive away at 5 minutes if the passenger hasn’t appeared or responded to my text, but this even seems dangerous.

Fucking wankers trying to grasp your knobs. OYE! PISS OFF! DICK BEATERS OFF MY KNOBS!

Not only do we lose traveling to the passenger, we lose waiting for these jerks who have no respect for us or our time. We also miss out on the opportunity to get a profitable fare.

I’ve done that a few times too. The other night I showed up and my rider was chatting with friends while I idled in front of them. I thought it was so rude that I drove away after a minute. They yelled at me as I drove away, but I’ll bet the next driver didn’t have to wait.

Yesterday I drove off after 5 minutes and then was pinged by the same person and came back. I got my cake and eat it too.

Are Uber drivers supposed to get $5 for cancelling or $3.75?

Passenger is charged $5. After Uber commission driver gets either $3.75 or $4.00, depending on when you signed up to drive.

Yesterday I waited 5 min…called the pax. She told me it was a ride for someone else and she didn’t have a phone so she would call her boyfriend phone to let her know I was here. 5min later I texted the women I spoke with and told her I’ve waited 10min. I’m canceling ride . Collected my 5$ and went on my way

10 minutes? Nope. I won’t wait more than 5. No excuses, no stories.

Yea screw them.

I had a request I waited 7 minutes. Lost track of time while checking email. I called. No answer. So I cancelled and left. 10 minutes later. Got same request. I was only 2 blocks away sitting and waiting for a request. So I took it. Same thing. Waited 5. Called and no answer. So I cancelled. Drive back to blocks. Then she pings me on lyft. Probably thinking she will get someone else since she was just cancelled twice by me. I take it. Go and sit 6 minutes. I call. She doesn’t answer. So I cancelled. Then as I’m driving away I get a lyft ping again from here. This time I keep calling and calling until she finally answers.

I ask WTF is she doing and why she couldn’t have come out after the first time I cancelled on her. She said because she is puking and has explosive diarrhea. She keeps trying to get up and when she does the pukes and poops everywhere. I said ok and I’m supposed to let you in my car like this. She said yea because she didn’t want to mess up her car.

I start their timers… if I’m waiting on YOU, then you get to pay for that time.

you pulled off but you not going to get paid you have to call or.text them first in order to get a fee…what purpose did that serve?

You would think that Uber would forego their fee on cancellations because the driver drove to pickup, for no revenue, a passenger that does not show up. I guess the concept of being fair is something they do not embrace.

Indeed they used to do it that way. Then they figured out how much extra money they could grab just by changing their policy. Greed and arrogance are a toxic combination