Riders speaking foreign language


(William Murphy) #1

I came across some Filipino pax in Daly City and they were speaking Tagalog among themselves and asking each other if I was Filipino.

They went on rambling in Tagalog saying I act White and am embarassed of being a Filipino. I said excuse me, are you racists or just love gossiping? Get out of my car! Losers of the year!!

They even said I’m not proud of being a Filipino! ??? Good thing I still understand the langauge.

What would you have done?

(Graham Sandy) #2

I gave a ride yesterday to a Filipino and boy was he rude and full of himself, I have lots of friends from the Philippines and most of them are cool but this guy I couldn’t wait to get him to his destination.

(Mathew Boolean) #3

Ohhhhh so thats acting white…having a hygiene routine and speaking american. What small minded idiots. Glad u booted them, hopefully it will make them think next time

(Trish Richardson) #4

When you got two fools talking smack and disrespecting you in YOUR car, you reserve the right to serve them by smacking them by kicking them out. Feels better that way. LoL By the way, Abodo and lumpia and pancit today!!

(Lance Rodriguez) #5

I’m Vietnamese and I can’t speak it, I got this a lot when I was young. The older folks didn’t appreciate and didn’t understand why I can’t speak vietnamese. I came here 2 years before the rest of the boat people. My sis and I can’t speak it. We got a lot of shit.

(Bector Ernest) #6

Same thing. I’d have kicked their asses out but not before I called the help line and put it on speaker phone so that the pax would have heard EVERYTHING you said about them making racist comments against you

(Jack Dolen) #7

Honestly i would driven to coronado bridge en tell them to get the fuck off!!! you did the right thing!! They should admire you for bettering yourself… And putting your people up high… I have lots of Filipino friends fluent english and proud of their heritage i havent found a single filipino thats not proud of there heritage… I know you are too thats why it hurts… kudos to you bro…

(Christian Odom) #8

I would tell the pax to giiiit out.I am Caucasian, but I live in multiracial,multiethnic Atlanta,Georgia and have the view that people are people (like Depeche Mode) and respect the pride people have in their heritages.In the ATL there isn’t much of a Filipino population, but I have many friends from the Philippines on Facebook.My only gripe is that the younger women post WAAAAY too many pics of themselves, often with various facial expressions.They don’t discuss what’s going on in their lives much.Oh,and I need to learn Tagalog.

(Brahim Decker) #9

I grew up in Philippines, and worked in retail and sales for 9 years, most of my filipino customers thought I didn’t speak tagalog as I have an american accent. They have never talked shit to me and when they speak tagalog they usually say something like “this guy is filipino and i wish he spoke tagalog so it wouldnt be so hard for us”. Sometimes, it may come as insulting when you translate it word per word but filipinos speak their languange differently so you can’t take it to context. Maybe they weren’t trying to insult you. It may have been just plain misunderstanding from both parties. This is just my opinion.

(Cody Parker) #10

Then you should have told them that they were wrong. Trust me I have encountered a lot of filipinos like these but when I tell them I understood what they said they apologize and they end up liking me so much. I worked in Phone sales (at&t verizon and tmobile) for 9 years and whenever I have filipino customers I do not speak tagalog right away as I use it to close the sale if needed. I have had so many sales where I didn’t even speak tagalog the whole time atleast until I take their payment or after taking their payment.

I understand where you are coming from though man. I get pissed when people assume I am not proud of my roots but again I just give them my 2 cents and they just feel stupid and embarassed after that.

(Chris Stipe) #11

Personally I think that you may have overreacted here. I think that you could have proven them wrong by simply talking to them and telling them your side since you understood them. I am not trying to say that what you did was definitely wrong but you could have maybe handled it a different way.

(Rakesh Sharma) #12

Classic! Wish I had your patience. I wonder what else they were going to say. I probably would went off as soon as embarrassed came out their mouths. Great temperment!

(Abdul Karim) #13

Exactly, people can’t mind their own business and keep digging at you. You know, sometimes people are a holes so you got to knock it to them once in a while.

(Snyder Reed) #14

o offense but what is there to be proud of?
chicken adoba and a few boxers?

taking pride in ones nationality is dumb anyways

(Hassan) #15

When you got two fools talking smack and disrespecting you in YOUR car, you reserve the right to serve them by smacking them by kicking them out. Feels better that way. By the way, Abodo and lumpia and pancit today pare!!

(Laura Lee) #16

I can see that you are a very reasonable individual by how you replied to my comment. Now I can definitely conclude that they crossed a line.