Riders have requested me to stop by store or restaurant on the way to their destination

I have only been driving since 1st of this year. I have noticed a recent trend (at least 4 times this week). Riders have requested me to stop by store or restaurant on the way to their destination. Sometimes it’s on the way or may be a few blocks past their drop-off location. This concerns me because time is money and I’m wasting time waiting for them. I’m also wondering if uber calculates/add to price if it takes longer or they go further? What should I do in these scenarios?

if its fast food i say… I could drop you at the food place and you can request a new uber when your done… unless im hungry then i make them buy me a cheeseburger and coke.

You get paid every minute your on the trip that’s how it is in nyc from when you start until you end

So in this case, a guaranteed paid minute seems better than ending the trip for the hope of a new one?

I let my riders stop anywhere they want, even dropping a friend off. All about milages. But waiting 5 min at Walgreens is not fun.

From the time you hit arrived your time and distance is charged till drop-off. But keep in mind mile I more important as time is paid at around 8 cents a minutes.

You get paid for time. So if they want to stop its not hurting. Most riders ask if you want anything.

Customers should also follow the rules too. Customers can’t skip the line at the grocery store just because they ask nicely.

At 7.5 cents per min, I hardly think that your doing yourself any favors by waiting. I personally only take passengers to their drop off destonations

Wait time should be$.075 per minute. Counts in traffic as well! $7.50 for 10 mins seems fair! Their decision might be to call another one! Cool stay parked and you get the call unless you get pinged while you wait!

Make them punch in each location. Don’t do it for pool ever. Limit them to the 5 minutes it states in the app. people will take complete advantage. Make sure you let them know that when you’re not moving, you only get paid 16 cents a min (only example of my market, look at yours)

You get paid by distance and time but you can ask them to add a second stop

I was noticing this issue too, that’s why I went to the Greenlight Hub to ask them. It seems that the app should make it easy for the passenger to add stops. Since this comes up so frequently, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a fix for this. I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing this as something that needs attention or a solution.

Been driving for less than a month, but you noticed a recent trend? Oh and it’s something that drivers have been bitching about for years? Welcome. Please find that you can search for topics from the main page

Here’s the “realist” answer you’ll get on here.
It’s up to you! Seriously. If you and the pax are having a great conversation and they’re being respectful, you might want to extend the courtesy. If you say no, you should expect an awkward ride and a low rating, even though they don’t mean anything. It’s totally your call. I rarely say no, but I have ended a trip early once the pax went into the store because I just didn’t want to get into it with them, and they were rude from the start.

I don’t do it. And if they have multiple stops, if they are store or fast food runs, we can end the trip at any time. Some people think nothing of having us wait.

If they ask to go to a drive through n I know it’s budy time n long line I say I have another ride scheduled I can’t

I had a car full of people gave me stop at a bar to use the restroom n they smoked cig outside n went in s had a drink!i went I. And told them I’m leaving n they all came right out. I was taking a break myself but was about to leave them

The only compensation you are getting is the .10 per minute charged during each ride…your market could be more, or less…

You get paid to wait. Imagine you without a car… I get excellent tips for being patient. We are a lot of people’s only source of transportation so why not take them where they need to go? What if our cars were personified and didn’t wait on us to run errands?