Riders Are Being Charged More By Uber With Upfront Prices

Time to put Uber on BLAST!
Tell all your riders that Uber might be overcharging them with their upfront prices.
Offer to share your ride receipt with them so that they can compare it to theirs and see if Uber overcharged them.

Stop spreading lies. It’s called upfront fee. They know already how much is the charge. I used Uber a few times last week, and I know how much is the charge right away.

Did you ask the driver how much he/she was paid? More than likely, it was less than the upfront fare that you were quoted. Educate yourself.

A driver gets paid mileage plus minutes. According to what you signed up.

These are uber upfront prices, customers asked for it, so there was no after riding sticker shock, and they agree to it before sending the request. Has nothing to do with drivers, we are paid exactly what we have agreed too, Has absolutely nothing to do with drivers, why even get involved with something that does not affect you whatsoever?

You people are f******* so ignorant it isnt funny. No wonder you have to resort to ride sharing to try and make a living. Uber has expenses as well. They are a company. They make a profit just like any business. They arent going to pay you what they charge. They are going to pay you less and pocket some. Common f***** idiots. If you work a normal job, you would understand a company doesnt pay out 100% of what they charge their customers. They have overhead cost, wages, etc. on top of making a profit. Hence why it is called business. Now I know most people who bitch about this wont even read this because it is a longer post other than “f*** uber” and that is all your mind can handle.

This is exactly why businesses like this need MORE regulation. Taxicabs fare were always approved and limited by local and state regulators. A company as arrogant as Uber needs to be stopped from doing what they want whenever they want. The fact is that they are calculating the total advertised fare and padding the trips, making the braindead riders pay whatever Uncle Uber decides while paying the drivers only on what the trip actually registers in mileage and pocketing the difference. This need to be brought to the attention of state and local governments, the media and most importantly, the passengers who are really the ones getting ripped off.

This is the exact definition of a contractor. A company makes you sign a contract with how much you get to pay. They use a system to contact a costumer that you will take from a point A to a point B, and you get paid accordingly. Besides they can charge whatever they want to the costumer. Why is it so hard to understand?

Oh bullshit, you idiots and your bullshit regulations, stfu your clueless.

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David, how stupid are you? Do you even know that if you know what your doing you can make a good living doing This? I do, I’m retired now do this full time, between uber and lyft I made 55k last year, please educate yourself and lose the caps.

By the way genius, what do you consider a real job? Anything you earn a living doing is a real job, no go lay down.

Then let us deregulate everything. And also send the cops home, because they apply the law which is regulation on criminals. Deregulate banks, hospitals, industry, etc. Let them kill, pollute and be corrupt. The USA will not become heaven where people will be all nice and friendly without regulation. It will turn into a corrupt hell hole.
The USA is surviving and thriving as there are good regulations and checks in place. Go to a 3rd world country where people don’t give one F*** about laws. You will beg to get back here.
Would you be in favor of deregulating public transport so that they can charge whatever the hell they want? I think you are totally clueless of the tricks Uber is trying to play with upfront prices. You earned 55k last year, this year it will drop to 40k. Then you will cry like a little baby and agree with us.

I know all about deregulation genius, i was an owner operator for 35 years driving cross country so dont tell me about it, im actually right on track to make just as much if not more this year, your clueless, uber and lyft are not a taxi service their a rideshare, two completely different entities, the laws that come with driving a taxi are not the same for a rideshare company, same principles but very different, educate yourself, oh and by the way, i never cry like a baby about anything because unlike you and the other douchebags crying on here i understand how life works, educate yourself, oh and ive been to a few 3rd world countries while serving my country apparently you have not or you would know what goes on in them.