Rider was cool she just just called me ghetto

My first uber passenger just called me ghetto for putting towels on my seats…I told her I don’t care you ain’t about to f@ck up my seats it’s some nasty people out here in Atlanta :100: I pay the car note every month I keep my car clean.

your rating, your car, your choice. atleast you got a phone dash mount. i would probably do generic car seats, but its your right to do what you did. but pax will do anything to get a free ride credit, and will take it out on you via your rateing.

People’s backs sweat during the summer too so might be good to invest in car seats. Not to mention puke can fly anywhere lol

Oh hell naw he tryna kill somebody. After he kill you he already got the plastic wrap ready all he gotta do is undo it from the top and bottom and wrap u on up :flushed::flushed::flushed: lol jp :joy::joy:

Not the towel with the Clorox stain on it. I don’t even have to scroll up but I know some wise folks have suggested you get some seat covers.

You may not like seat covers but they look a lot more professional than towels, although I totally understand why you’d put towels down. I’ve been tempted to do it as well. Might I recommend putting down towels that are high quality and match your seats better?

Cause "haters " are EVERYWHERE you turn and riders will feel that you think they are not clean enough to be in your car…trust. …they will complain about the towels and give you a bad rating…also trust, UBER will believe them…

Smh…that’s crazy I feel y’all about the haters but I just bought the car I want to keep it clean that’s it I ain’t even thinking about no haters f@ck em if they feel a certain way I will gladly tell them why I put them on my seats it’s nothing to get offended by. These folks hell

Every sense this uber under cut these rates we been attracting all kinds of nasty people riding in our new cars. Man I’d put a tarp on then MF seats

They not cleaning them either. Now if you buy the bed pads or animal pads to put under the towel even a sippy cup spill is an easy clean up. My mother skills showing now

And u cnt take car seat covers off and wash them every week the back will be peeling off. So this is the move!! Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks ladies!! I just cut holes in them so they can fit over the seat. And I also cut holes so they can have access to the seat belt.

Lol…reminds me of when me n my bro were little and we took family trips and my mom always covered the seat with towels so they don’t get dirty

Drivers cussing at and generally treating passengers like shit makes them less likely to use rideshare which costs us.ALL money.

Great idea! I have leather seats myself & someone did fuck up my seat in the back. :angry: I have a small rip on the bottom seat. I’m going shopping this week for black towels.