Rider sit in passenger seat

Question: How do y’all feel about riders sitting in the passenger seat?? I personally don’t like it. I like my comfort and privacy to which I feel they can have a lot of, sitting in the backseat but sum of them are adamant about sitting in the front.

I hate it. But they only sit in front if it a line and back is full. Every other pickup someone grabbing my door and im pointing to the back( besides I keep it locked)… Ummm we not friends… To the back you go!

It’s your car… and your business… if I had a driver pint to the back seat like that it would surely be zero tip and 1 star… but again that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Strong lack in customer service …

I know and I would hate to have your personality and IQ!! Thank the lordt!!! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: that’s why I get out there be male tips consistently and always have happy riders… I don’t treat them like they owe me something… THE RIDER OWES YOU NOTHING! Be happy you have a source of income… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: this job is surely not for everyone …

Listen to hear you cunt you are the one who called names and shit first. And going after someone because of their mom’s death that shows how much of a piece of shit you are. And at least I can say I still get hit on I have a great personality and I get along with everyone. You’re an ugly bitch who could spend thousands on plastic surgery and still look like a fucking beached whale. You can say anything but I said you brought up my mom. That’s when your ass went over the line… but again driving the car is probably extremely hard for you to do. I own my own business I drive for Uber and have a full-time job. Two of those things you will probably never ever be able to accomplish. Boo-boo don’t fuck with me Im the wrong one :fu::fu::fu::fu: keep being a shitty driver getting low pay and I’ll keep doing my thing will see who comes out on top…

Rather them beside me than behind me, where I can’t see what there doing. They could be just setting there, or they could be drawing on my door or pulling out a weapon. These days you just don’t know. So I encourage the passanger seat where I can have good conversation and keep a closer eye on them.

Definitely not. It’s an uncomfortable feeling when they are right there in your face. Most don’t even speak to you and breathe heavy. Most people stink and have a odor. It’s creepy. Sit in the back… good luck to all the driver. Cold weather is here and we can no longer roll down the windows :weary:

I don’t like it but I allow it. The pax the irritate me the most are the ones that sit in the front and are quiet the whole entire time. I’m thinking, if you’re gonna sit up here you should be friendly and have SOMETHING to say. It makes for a very awkward situation otherwise.

But the riders failed to realize, there is so much room in the back!! Then they get they behind in the front, adjusting the seat all the way to the back!! And I’m like, this ain’t no lounge. This is a car!! Then you got the ones that like to sit in the front and touch everything, WITHOUT PERMISSION!!! Ugh!!! Get yo behind in the back!!!

I don’t like it at night when they are drunk. I’ve had too many people try to kiss me and grope me. Drunks go in the back. During the day, front is fine.

This question comes up often. I say, my front seat is my “office.” I’ve got items in it, which directs pax to head for the back, but I can move the items to the trunk if need be.

I personally don’t like it. I picked up a passenger at the airport one night and he not only open the front door but all the things I had in my front seat to deter passengers sitting in the front, he politely picked them all up and set them on the floor. Then he proceeded to turn my radio down. All without my permission. I was so dumbfounded at all I could do was look at him and count to ten internally to keep from blowing up on him.

I prefer them to sit up front simply because I can’t see what they’re doing in the back I don’t know what they got going on in the back and I want to know what they’re doing with her hands beat everything so that’s why I say please come sit up front with me and then at dash cam that can see everything on a passenger

When riders try to sit in the front I tell em sit in the back, I don’t care about how you feel like you wanna sit in the front, I also don’t let them sit behind me. I keep my toolie tucked and my mirror on them at all times.

I don’t care unless they stink. I made my first pax this morning sit up front cause it was cold and the front seats are heated. I don’t care. I tell them to sit where ever except the driver’s seat.

I keep my stuff on the front seat and have even told a passenger that there’s 5 seats in the back. I really don’t like having strangers sit next to me. I keep bullshit in my front seat just so they have no choice but to ride in the back