Rider reported me drunk

Ohhhhh yeahhhhh!!! Finale something fair with Uber!!! Uber close the account from the rider who report me drunk (when I wasn’t) so he lie!!! I was 2 days with my account block because of this…plus they give $200 compensation!!! Thanks Uber! Is the first time I feel like finally they give to as the support we deserve!!! And this is the proof!! Looks like promotion but it’s not, I only have 1 trip all the week…

You got compensation for your time off? Good for you! I didn’t when pax lied about me. Good job!

She must have did the smart thing, which is go to concentra and take a drug / alcohol test and then took the results to her lawyer.

The guy who report me was in Uber pool so…he share ride with another’s 3 differents riders…they denied I was drunk!!! Witnesses!! Yeihhh!!

What was the point of him reporting you drunk. To get a free ride?? I don’t understand, were you driving CRAXY?? How can someone accuse you without smelling alcohol / just didn’t like you?? That’s CRAXY

And how is UBER deactivating anyone without proof or history of ones actions, that leaves the window open for a lot of false accusations towards the drivers

You must be New!!!
This happens ALL THE TIME!!!
A lot do it for Free Rides, Some Cause you would not stop for them, some just cause you didnt help with the luggage.
Luckily for her, she had witnesses!
Or a DashCam would have helped too.
Most Drivers dont have these, so they fall to the wasteside.
So MANY Drivers get deactivated like this.
Cause Uber will believe the Riders 8 out of 10 times. Unless you can REALLY Prove your case!

They’re quick to deactivate pending investigation because they don’t want the possibility of a drunk driver or a sexual predator still being on the road for them after being reported. Think of it like the administrative leave cops usually get when they shoot people

Happened to me too. No notice. Just deactivated me overnight. No questi9ns asked. Never contacted me.passenger said it. Deactivated me almost immediately

never happened to me here either but i have been in this group long enough to see that it happens a lot. People want free rides i have scene these cards that are circulated to college kids on how do this exact type of thing , lying to uber about the driver to get their money back. Happens every day.

Like John said, its just what they do!
Like some get that Hefty Surge Bill, Big ones & Small.
Then say, “THEY did not even take the ride!” or make slander the Driver such as Any’s Case. Just to get that Refund AND a Free ride or 2 later!

1st time I ever here of “compensation” for lost time. Maybe a cleaning fee?

Get a dashcam for your car and recording stickers it will stop pax about lying to Uber or lyft about to if need know they are being recording It keeps them in check

The funny thing is that sometimes these passengers just don’t care. I had 2 passengers claim that I “picked up the wrong person.” And this was after they both knew I had a dash cam. I informed Uber that I had dash cam footage and to just give me my money back. I offered Uber the footage as well and they didn’t take me up on my offer to view the footage. I had to write to them on social media to get my little bit of money back. And when I say write them, almost 10 times for each incident. Uber doesn’t give a fuck, they just hope you forget about these fares that they steal from you when a passenger lies. Most drivers will get tired of writing Uber after 3-4 emails to “customer service” from Pratesh who really doesn’t understand American English and they will forget about their money.

Oh I didn’t understand at first. Uber gave you $ 200 for their taking you off the Uber software. How did you convince Uber that you were sober?

Had a similar situation a few months ago. Pax said I was impaired. Blocked for 2 days. UBER gave me $100. I don’t know what came of the pax.

Fantastic. What would be even nicer is an official letter from Uber stating this fact. Suitable for framing.
I’d hang it proudly in my house. One lieing rider down. Many more to go.
Your a regular Joan of Ark.
You are awesome.:+1::tada::gift::tada::+1::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::grin:

Uh oh! Be ready for all of the salty driver that are going to talk shit now! There’s going to be a load of people mad because you were compensated and made a little money!

I know! But I just did this because we have rights, and if you know this, you don’t have to give up…it is only a little of motivation…when you fight for your rights you have to keep yourself with a lot patience…be mad we the people who maybe can help you it is not going to work…and for the people who only tipped to said negative stuff…my answer is…you have the right to said what ever you want, I have the right to ignore what ever negatively trash you want put in my head…thanks for your advice any way Andrea Scandura!!