Rider left his cellphone

So a rider left his cell phone in my car that had fallen up under the driver seat. I reported it to Uber at 4 am. How about the rider activated Find My iPhone and showed up at my house!!! I reported to Uber that the guy has his phone back. They said thanks and gave me $15 for being a good steward. My only problem I have is riders coming to your home unannounced!

Exactly !!! Uhm he woulda got it at the gas station not my house lol . How did he get your address oh I don’t like that at all. And yes that shit crazy. It happened to me also. I’m like what! They better not try me like that bc country girl don’t play

That can be pretty “scary” actually! Just need to hide a spare phone in a stranger car and you can track them all day long… I hope he didn’t show up at 5am!

Yeah the same thing happened to me last week. I went off and told them they were lucky I didn’t start shooting at they ass. That shit is mad disrespectful. That will be $100 or reporting them for trespassing

That’s why I usually shut them down once found to avoid situations like this, especially when I have reported and gone home for the night…happened to my brother in law…he was mad as hell too

No, you contact UBER 1st. You should see if the driver has reported it already, making them an honest person. You could get yourself killed that way. IJS.
I reported missing items cuz I don’t need that kind of karma on me lol. I know other drivers who have too. hat’s a mess. Sorry you were put in that predicament.

Scary situation. I learned a while back to check under my seats when somehow someone’s keys got left there and a pax found them hours later. This was before the $15 fee started and they tried to rush me to get their keys back but I told them when I get a fare back up that way I’ll drop them off at their friends who was the pickup spot. Told them expect a 2 hour wait.

Did u know it was lost before he showed up? Or did you not know until your doorbell rung?
This is why I’m glad…I return them before I end my night.
This is a no no! I do understand that cell phones are more important than CC’ these days but, At least ping me to let me know but,

How about CALL your phone first , to make arrangements…not just post up at someone’s house! That is not smart…you never know WHAT could be waiting for you! If somene leaves a phone in your car, SHUT IT OFF!

It happens. A pax called me and told me my address as he was on his way to get his phone. If he thought it was stolen, he would’ve shown up with the police…without calling. Lol! Check your car before you head home! Sooo … this fool just took the chance and showed up at a stranger’s house for a damn phone. He and his mama are dumb asses. You never know what you are walking in to.

No, if your phone means that much to you then keep up with it. Put it in your pocket, purse, bra, sock, or wherever to make sure you have it when you exit. Who picks someone up in hopes of keeping a phone you don’t even know they have?!?! Tf

This one lady left her phone in my car and another passenger found it and gave it to me I reported it to Uber took a picture and notified them they told me once it was returned they will give me $15 back the girl wasn’t rushing me to return it I let her know that she could have my number and we connect and make arrangements mind you that my day was already planned and she kept having random people call my phone to ask me when would I be available I told her that I was handling business and my house a window was being installed I wasn’t sure how long long story short met her in Buckhead around 6 something drove all the way from Stone Mountain 2 Peachtree Road the girls even have the audacity to compliment me from driving her and meeting her halfway mind you I’m on BMW premium gas I should have just left it at Uber hub and she didn’t even reported that it was returned back to her so that I can get my money from Uber I had to call them never again

So wait :rofl:… let me get this right… y’all expect this kid to have contacted uber(BY EMAIL mind you, if we have to get in contact with them that way, what makes you think it’s different for them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)… wait for Uber to reply(how many days ago you sent Uber an email about something and they respond a week later, I’ve had this happen many of times) and then wait again for you as the driver to get in contact with them?! THEN you shut the phone off!! Lemme tell you a secret(in my SZA voice), in Find my iPhone there’s this nifty thing, fantastic feature, almost genius really… where the owner can display a message to whoever has the phone like,”hey Uber driver… I was so tired that I dropped my phone in your car, can you call me at ###-###-####, so we can arrange a pick up?” And that would’ve been the end of that… but nooooo some “smart” person think shutting off someone else’s phone is acceptable and then get mad when they show up looking for their phone, but you never got that message because you shut off their phone! :roll_eyes:

Same thing happened to me woke up one Sunday morning two white chicks are knocking on my door she says that she left her phone in my car and they tracked it we looked in the car and it was under the seat but it was creepy

ANYBODY that knows me knows that if you show up at my house unannounced, I’m not coming to the door. [#Period]

Yesssss !!! I was just saying that lol Too much technology out here don’t cut my shit off cuz ima call it a million times and you better answer at least one to tell me you have it

Well I didn’t turn it off. I let uber know they could share my # and went about my night. I got a response that they’d been in contact with the passenger and that they would call me in the morning. No call in the morning or afternoon but some time around 6pm 3 of them show up at my door. In the middle of the game, mind you. No, I was not amused.