Rider asking for a snacks?

I had a lady last night ask me “ Where are your Snacks” ?? I politely said “At home in my fridge & pantry I guess”. She then goes into this diatribe about how I’m in the service industry & that I better get with it. I waited until she was done & then pulled over & told her to get out.

Lmao people are wild man. I once had a girl tell me to put the heat on, in the back, on her feat. I was like my car doesn’t have that option and she’s like what? What year is this? I stopped the car and told her if she wants she can get out and order and uber black, I’m sure that’ll have heat in the back feat. She was quiet for the rest of the ride

Sure absolutely thank you for the recommendation. That’s what I would have said to shut her up

I won’t do it for a few reasons, mainly if they choke on food in my car then who is liable? I can’t answer that so I won’t bother.

I would have corrected her when she said that you are in the service industry. I would have said, “no, I’m in the transportation industry, waiters and bartenders are in the service industry…so, if you want service, go whine to a bartender.”

If they ask for snacks or water, just pull into the nearest quicky mart and say there you go, and pick you up a bottled water while they are inside

That was rude on your part as a drive you end ride only if you feel unsafe. Also this will endanger your ratings and im sorry she was asking a question just explain that your job is to get u to point saftly. Nothing more

I offer chips and bottled water, phone chargers and such. A very minor expense to take on to make your riders experience a bit better.

I have not had any issues with crumbs (yet) but I keep my car spotless. I have all weather floor mats so I can simply empty any debris or crumbs that end up on the floor.

After 3 years part time of driving these ungrateful fucks, I could give a rats ass about their experience.

Gave a lady a ride LW during surge.She complained I overcharged and gave a low rating.We don’t set the rate assholes and it’s your choice to ride during surge

I would have pulled over a grocery store and said you wanted snack well here you go the store has every thing you need…So get out…

Spoiled by other drivers. Don’t provide anything

I had a rider get in my car late and then ask for a water ( her trip was 6 minutes) I laughed and said no I just have my own water…she said oh . 4 minutes later she said "can I have a sip of your water " I laughed again and had a plastic cup that I had put trash in. So pulled over about 2 blocks from her destination and poured her some of my tap water in the dirty cup. She took it , got out and drank it 5 stars

Next time go to the 7-11, and say you stash them here

Last time I checked, were not a rolling fast food truck. No one would ever ask a cab driver to feed them. I just don’t understand people’s thinking

“I didn’t know which was your favorite to keep in stock just in case I picked you up so I keep the full selection in my secret warehouse with the 7/11 sign out front.”

My greatest accomplishment as a driver? ZERO great amenities badges. 3 people out of 11,000 trips have asked me for water. With a cheerful voice I say, this is uberX, you can request more expensive rides for extras like that.

I would just tell them straight up that I dont wanna get sued if in case they got sick. Most would understand. Fuck those who wouldnt.