Rethink this 18 yr old policy

My neice has been taking Uber since August. She is a 17 yr old Freshman @ GSU who won’t be 18 until May. How many have picked her & others like her up? Uber needs to rethink this 18 yr old thing, maybe add a consent form within the app for working students, married, emancipated, and brilliant students that have graduated HS early.

They need to enforce whatever they do and not let it fall on me to determine if they look 18 or not. But if you can have a job you should be able to get to work imo 15/16. That’s why businesse has slowed down

If a kid is going to work or to college. That is not the average kid and tiles need to be in place for them. I tried bringing this up last year. Maybe that can be another type of contracted worked out. I might not be hard to get a subcontract or so.ethi g with a couple of students.

I can agree to this ! I think 16 and older should be able to take uber and have a verified account of why they use uber and a specified time slot etc. but kids under that age its too much of a risk for the kids

This here is why there should be exceptions made. Have the students upload a student ID so it can be documented by Lyft that they’re allowed to ride. You have thousands of out of state students who have no one to give them a ride. Unless it’s a taxi which would cost them a lot more money.

Honesty I’ll pick up 16 & over but I have to have verbal consent from the parents… It’s usually the parents that’s called for the ride … This is only because 16 is the age of consent for working minors … But I’ll only pick them up from school or home or work … I explain to the parent they it’s against the rules but with their consent I’ll do it

that’s how it should be. If they’re old enough to work and pay taxes. Then they should be allowed to ride alone. The parents just need to understand what it is they’re allowing them to do. I think we probably all have taken someone under 18 at some point whether knowing it or not.

Plus majority of them have their own account, I got tried of hearing but it’s my account, I was like well you know what that’s a valid point… They shouldn’t be allowed to have their own account if they are underage but they are … Make that make sense :joy:…I’m sure we have … I was a working young adult I had a car when I was 15… So I understand… Some of them are more mature and respectful than adults hell I’ve even had kids tip me lol

Cuz Lyft doesn’t care about that for real. They want us to pick them up to get the fares and let us deal with any lawsuits that may come about if something happens. Cuz the drivers have been told not to do so. How they tell us these ppl aren’t allowed alone but they can make accounts and isn’t told they can’t?

I thought you had to be 21 to drive for Uber? I know lyft is 23+. Sorry I having a major brain fart… I thought your daughter was a Driver not a Rider. My fault.
I have two friends that love to do it. Myself it sucked.

How do people know how old she is? My assumption is the pax is 18 and keep it moving :oncoming_automobile: Meanwhile the 14 year old can legally hop on a train, plain, bus, or taxi. That 14 year old can even hold a baby with no car seat on a taxi.

All legally.

But Uber? No one under 18 . . . even the 17 year old soldier.

I think it is a stupid policy. If you are old enough to get a job, then you should be old enough to ride Uber and Lyft alone. I don’t see McDonald’s asking for parent’s permission to have their kids around the grill and the deep fryers. I follow the policy and will question anyone I suspect of being younger than 18. But it is still a stupid policy.

If there is an underaged passenger then their FULL face needs to be on the account and they need some waiver that protects me from lawsuits. If that can’t happen then I can’t pick them up. I drove a taxi for 10 years in Gwinnett and Cobb County and the law was 14 years old or older - state law unless they have changed it. I magine Uber is just trying to avoid lawsuits

Imagine uber paid me to Check IDs😒

You look 18 enough. But 12-15 even 9 I’ve picked up. Especially those kids that play Magic. (Charleston). Folly Beach to Daniel Island. I spoke to his mother and she was sauced. I called uber. They gave the green light to take the 9 year old.

Taxi use commercial insurance the rules for age is different from rideshare insurance. If you are in a accident with a minor the ambulance can’t take kid to hospital without adult consent. I have a ? if your losing blood and you are a minor and the EMS gives blood or fluids to keep you alive and you do it and you didn’t call me I will sue. Because it’s my Choice for you to treat my Kid i think you are wrong

silence is consent. If 12 year old Joe Schmoe is found on the street needing aid, he will be treated until they are told otherwise. Same with unconscious adults.