Resigning from Uber


(Jerry Hall) #1

I’m resigning from Uber I just signed a job offer paying me 75k salary and I’m not even 30 yet, hard work,dedication and perseverance made it happen. I may have an office job now but company pays my health insurance 100% and no more unruly pax destroying my car.

(Timothy Clark) #2

$75000 in LA ain’t shit with cost of living out there.

(Harris Frank) #3

Good luck with the job

(Eric Moore) #4

congrats. Keep in mind that you can still drive for Uber if that’s fun for you. I’ve been in IT for 20 some years but enjoy Uber driving more.

(Jill Aron) #5

Congratulations on the job. Dont listen to the asshats. Good luck.

(Jose Hernandez) #6

Damn… so many fucking haters lol… good luck to you bro…

(Anderson Lee) #7

Good job, I got one of those too, but remember you can do Uber on the weekends too. I guess I’m just greedy, lol.

(Kenneth Miller) #8

“You just catching up to all the shit I been on”

Congrats tho

(Paul Garcia) #9

Damn! Haterade is goin AROUND!

CONGRATS!!! Good for you, dood… bust your ass and it pays off!! Best of luck to you! :beer: cheers!

(David Smith) #10

Good luck, hope you give rideshare drivers lots of business

(Audrina Jameson) #11

Thanks, my college degree is finally paying off. Yes a lot of haters but they just don’t like seeing someone half their age see success. I worked hard, graduated with a 3.8 GPA and never gave up finding a career and its finally paying off, literally. Now I can start paying back my student loans and building my credit back up so by the time I’m in my mid 30s I’ll be able to buy a nice house and car. #goals

(Peter Dave) #12

Good Luck I retired a long time ago so this is a good gig for me. You will do better with a job with benefits and a future for you and your family. All the best

(Mitchel) #13

Lol at the haters. They’re the ones who are jealous that they have no marketable skills to land an actual career so they have to rely on Uber to get no guaranteed income or health coverage. Best of luck and congrats!

(Haris_McMan) #14

Gotta go with that money im only 27 and with all the hard work ive put in ive been averaging about 125k a year now for the last 3. It pays off. Granted I work in a automotive shop 50 plus hours a week. But it’s well worth it. Just keep doing you to support yourself and your family. I rather bust my ass off all week for my girl doesn’t have to.

(Amanda Halen) #15

I earn around 300,000 per year. You need to improve yourself to get better salary otherwise you will be no where in the future.

(Maurice Nixon) #16

Dude its 300,000 USD and I am 24 years old. The picture you see on my profile is a famous poet :smiley:

(Andrew Martin) #17

You don’t live in US you live in Denmark, stop trolling :joy: I didnt get that from your profile pic your profile clearly says you live in Denmark and all the context is not english

(Kimberly Nelson) #18

That is true I live in Denmark. So people in Denmark don’t earn money? Be happy with the peanuts you earn.

(Sharon Green) #19

I have a lot of Uber partner friends and none of us bash each other as I’ve seen here. Steve Moynihan congratulations! You are very blessed to get out of driving for change. God bless you and ignore the negative and keep on trucking bud! :wink:

(Sue Cooper) #20

Don’t worry about what makes them jealous, just worry about what makes you happy