Reported a Pax after soliciting SEX

About 2am last night before canceling a no show, I texted the Pax. He responded back by soliciting SEX. I reported it immediately. Uber responded through email 5 hours later. Saying “we hesitated to call you because of the late hour. Thank you taking the time to bring this to our attention”. They haven’t reached out since.

Weight of a report depend on how often pax use service.

New accounts 1 and done
20-30 rides takes 2
50+ takes 3 in a shorter time frame (less than 3 months)

Honestly, I don’t think Uber does enough to protect their drivers. Were so easily replaceable, they don’t care. It pisses me off how riders get away with everything. But if a driver even looks in the riders direction their deactivated. (I exaggerated on the last sentence).

Not even an exaggeration. A rider could say you made an announcement by doing that and report you. Next thing you know your account is suspended

How much you all want to bet that nothing was done to this passenger?

Did you send this to the local news stations? They love reporting any little thing a ride share driver does.

You should have said “Yes, but seeing you are ordering uberX, I don’t think you could keep up with me. #SorryNotSorry

I bet you guys
This passenger will get 50$ credit

I had one call for ride and while I waited for the gate code, he sent me a text asking if I wanted to join him in the jacuzzi! WTF!!!

Yes, report it to the news! They are always bashing the drivers for anything…

Ohh wow! Sorry this happened to u! My sarcastic sense of humor would of made me reply, “how much”! But ppl like this need to be removed !

still have your rights to speak up not to report Uber only but local news because you is a woman not an animal or object that can be easily be told with such thing. His account and himself will be reported as sex offender

If that is the riders first report they may have put him on hold similar to what happens when riders write in and claim you were intoxicated because they dont want to piss off mommy and daddy for taking such an expensive uber trip using their amex . But in this situation This clearly happened to you and that sucks. There are piggy drivers out there male and female who may have said yes to that dudes question which is only enforcing this douchebags inappropriate behavior. He obviously ran his game on the wrong person.
But all honesty uber will embarass him via email if this is the first inappropriate report and will warn him of the policy and guidelines and hopefully he does not do it again. I understand it does not feel like justice but this dude will slip up again and be off the platform in no time.

I get invited in after dropping older divorced women off fairly often. And they can get handsy. But I just ignore it. They have been drinking and are lonely.

The late hour? Now that is straight BS. Their critical response team suppose to be 24/7

Uber doesn’t give af about drivers. No rideshare service does. They rarely suspend passenger accounts. And, even if they do, the passenger can just make a new account with a different phone number and email.

They need to ask for the passenger’s social security number to make an account and require them to show ID when getting picked up so we know who it is.

I picked up someone who didn’t have a picture and he told me halfway through the ride (when we’re on the highway) that he used someone else’s account to book the ride cuz his got suspended. And then he started saying if he ever got the driver again that reported him, he would kill her. :flushed:

Hopefully, the rider will be deactived. Maybe then they will think twice about speaking to any Uber or Lyft driver that way again.