Reported a drunk guy recently and would do it again

I was hanging out at a Wawa waiting for a surge when this new Highlander come flying into the lot. Guy in a suit stumbles out and goes into the store. Almost looked like he was handicapped so I didn’t give it much thought. 5 minutes later the guy stumbles out of the store and starts rooting through his car looking for his wallet. It was quite evident this guy was trashed and shouldn’t be driving. I asked the guy if maybe he shouldn’t be driving and if your local I’ll give you a lift. Guy pretty much told me t f-off. There was no way I could let this guy get behind the wheel and possibly kill somebody.

Now that’s a bad idea. You want the drunk pax out of your car as fast as possible and you don’t want them agitated. My friend gets very impatient when she’s drunk. That’s how you get into bad situations.

No I would not fault someone for not making a report that my house was on fire. It would be considerate of them to do so, but the fire would not be their fault and they would not ever be held liable for not calling.

People who drive drunk are irresponsible, that’s the point. The point that you could care less is sad. It is a big deal, they could kill someone you know.

Maybe as a former LEO & EMT … I have a different viewpoint on this. And I have never knowingly let an impaired driver drive a car; whether they were in my Uber or just fumbling for keys on the street in front of their car. If for no other reason, I don’t want them to be on the road with me or any of my friends or loved ones for that matter.

Ok, how about this, guy is drunk in a bar. The manager pings you on the bar account to take the pax where he’s going. In other words the bar orders you and pays, not the pax. The manager thinks you are taking him home, the drunk guy gives an address.

So it is a matter of being a Good Samaritan or not. It is not anyone’s RESPONSIBLITY to report such a thing. Everyone is still ignoring that it would have actually cost me money to stop what I was doing and report this person. I don’t know about y’all but I’m driving Uber to make money, not try to catch and turn in drunk drivers.

You would be a bad samaritan if you drove by and didn’t know the guy. When the police pull his credit card they will find the bar and his Uber driver. Good luck answering questions, you’ll lose a lot of pings after all of the questions they will have for you.

Word up man. In civil cases, all the plaintiff needs is to prove is “more probable than not”, that’s merely 51%. Whereas in criminal cases the plaintiff has to prove “beyond reasonable doubt”. I’ve worked with ambulance chasing attorneys before, they will go after all people/parties that have assets, there won’t be any empty chairs that’s for sure.

Just be sure you rent and don’t own anything if you’re doing this work, especially if you don’t call 911 and you don’t have or don’t know what TNC Gap insurance is. Search here for it and Google it.

Let’s face a fact that what? 90% of the people we drive after dark on weekends are TRASHED to some degree. The only thing is, do we see them get behind the wheel or not while we are still there. And, if it ever came down to me seeing anything? Uh, no. I didn’t see squat, even if somebody says I might have. Once those pax leave my ride they are NOT my problem.

In California, drivers are encouraged to report drunk drivers by signs posted alongside the road. You can even use a handheld cell phone for that purpose while driving, which is otherwise illegal.

I listen occasionally to the sheriff’s dispatch in my county on a scanner, and regularly hear broadcasts about impaired or dangerous drivers being reported by citizens. The deputies take this seriously. My son is a sheriff’s patrol sergeant in a rural area. He has parked and waited for a reported driver to pass by, then stopped and, if warranted, arrested the offender.

First off … it’s not like no one has never helped you do anything in your life. And it’s not like your phone is blowing up every 5 seconds to give you a trip. Most Uber cities are so over-saturated with drivers that you’d be lucky to get 1-2 trips per hour.

I appreciate the idealism that some people have. I am sure letting the police know about every single person on the road that you suspect is drunk is super helpful to them. They can’t be busy with anything else so let’s call them about EVERY person we think could be intixicated.

I have called the police over several times over the past 16 years. Only a couple were pax who happened to have me take them to their car after a night of drinking. One was a guy who lived about 7 miles from town. A local bar had paid me 20 bucks to get him home.

We often pick up pax at the jail after being processed for DUI, or once in a while at their cars, called in by officers to drive them home before they got in their cars. Often these people want us to drive them around the block and back to their cars, or the scene of their DUI to drive home.