Realized that wealthier folks don't tip

I’ve come to realize those wealthier folks don’t tip and the ones that work at Kroger and gas stations are the ones who do tip. I’ve dropped off engineers and business owners and many don’t tip but that girl that’s working at the grocery store tips. Just my observation.

Anyone who truly has worked in customer service knows what you do and they’re the ones who reward, including myself. I’ve always been a huge tipper (pizza gets to my house fast!).

No, not cheap, but not everyone’s worked in customer service and know how much people bust their ass for minimum pay.

They turn cheap once they are big shots believe me. I have family unfortunately who are like that and they’ve worked in customer service. My cousin was a waiter tipped well we would always go out and now he owns his own restaurant and he doesn’t even go out and started to buy the cheapest stuff and clothing. He prefers small and cheap diners now like Dennys. He leaves $2 tip on a $30 check. Sometimes nothing.

Just a little trick rich peopleThat were born rich do not tip whatsoever the people that worked hard to get where they are that have become wealthy tip very well

Biggest tip I ever had was $220 for an $18 fare I spent an hour with the guy he kept giving me $20 every time I by a bar

Any one in service industry generally tips…they know how hard you work for your money…

They understand the Grind and that the Tip is not taken for granted and also very much appreciated.

I agree completely! People who have worked in a service industry get it and know how appreciated tips are!

I have just under 7000 rides under my belt and my experience has been that the rich very rarely give a tip, very few do. Old folks are generous, people from service industry especially, bartenders, waitresses, hourly wage workers, strip club girls and like pay tips. The most noteworthy are the ones who say “I can tip on the app?” 100 % of time nevery add it. When I hear that before they step out of the, I make sure I rate them a solitary star because they are lying and only do it to ensure the driver will rate them 5 stars, not me :rofl:

exactly! I get better tips from blue collars … lol , example … got $20 tip from amazon worker but yet drop off older couple who owns 2 restaurants and get zip… …:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes::thinking:

That how the rich get rich. Poor people tip better than rich people. It the same way at my normal job.

I dropped off a wealthy couple sitting in the back of my Uber congratulating each other about the $4,000,000 real estate deal they had just finished before they got into the car. At this time Uber allow tipping, at the end of the ride the man proceeded to get out of the car look me dead in the eye and say I would tip you but Uber frowns upon it. The windows were down and as he and his wife walked away I heard her say why did you lie to that man you know Uber allows tipping!

I just explain that in my smaller market most drivers won’t pick up someone under 4.6 if your rating starts getting low the only way to guarantee pulling it up is to tip. Usually works well

Oh yeah that’s long been the case. People who know what it’s like to have to work really hard for your money know that a little extra money is appreciated.

People who have always had money think that you can just have money and that they shouldn’t have to just give it to you.

Always the case! That’s why those that have money have the Money they have…they’re too cheap to top

I took an old rich dude with 3 porshes in his garage to a bar and he tipped me 2 bucks like “don’t spend it all in one place”

This Tesla guy gave me $2…and sure …I said Thanks…but I added…Cheap Ass!!! lol

I had a $2.00 ride tonight and was tipped $5.00. Average joe and his girl driving a Chevrolet cobalt or something. I mean i don’t get this wealthy ass folks!!

Very true. I deliver pizzas full time and we always say the rich didn’t get rich by handing out money… I get more money from an apartment complex than I do from a big house in a gated community…