Real advise: Take detailed notes about mileage, factor in depreciation, gas, maintenance, etc

Treat it like a business. Run a profit and loss sheet. Do it for a month and get seriously anal about your cash flow and hours worked. Research the insurance. What will really happen to you if you get into an accident and your passenger is injured. Have you told your insurance company you drive for Uber or are you rolling the dice, because accidents happen to other people? Someone called those of us with experience negative Nancy’s on this forum. There’s a big difference between being negative and being intelligent.

I do appreciate your insight and don’t intend on continuing with something that isn’t practical. The negative nancy comment was directed more at the other person who pretty much just said you’re an idiot, quit. Also, you can’t expect me to go through the whole process and just say oh okay you’re right when told to get out without a whole lot of rationale behind it. This post was helpful though, so thanks.

I believe they opened up Black/SUV drivers to all of southern CA in Jan. Unfortunately they also stopped accepting new vehicles in several more areas as well.

Let the boy take some equity out of his car so he can have some fun ubering as a hobby. Eventually he will figure out that his hobby is quite expensive when his escalade is in the shop.

If you’re TCP’d with Uber can you pick up at LAX?
That’s still unclear to me.
You’re gonna love the limo lot… you’re gonna meet a lot of real psychos, err, uhhh, great people. Ha.
Also, if you’re going to be doing any real early morning pickups at LAX, like right before the sun comes up, try the 7-11 over at Manchester and Airport Bl.

Hah thanks. It’s not a bad vehicle… has some nice features. As far as I’ve learned you can get a qualifying permit to pick up at LAX with Uber. Whether that’s a TCP or a unique LAX airport permit I can’t say.

Are saying since I am in San Diego ,I can’t work anywhere else in CA? I was speaking about Black and SUV. If LA is not on boarding any more Blk accounts. Why not try another City in CA that is. Wouldn’t he still be able to work LAX?

That is my Understanding SD. If you are black or SUV you can only work in the area you are assigned to. I am not sure how it was set up in San Diego but in LA there was a core area (basically Westside/beverly hills) that was closed to new entrants early in 2014. You could still sign up and be a black or SUV driver in the san fernando valley but you would only get assigned jobs in that area or any area outside the “Core” area. In other words the slow areas. What sucked is once you took someone to LAX and dropped them you could not get a passenger to pick up since LAX was (stupidly) included in the “core” part of LA. So only the early drivers that signed up for the core part had all the pick ups at LAX even if they were going to a non core part of town.

Oh really? Interesting. So everyone that orders a UberX or XL at LAX does not pay the safe rider fee then. Because of course the only vehicle that can get requests there are TCP permitted vehicle. Makes them even cheaper from LAX!

I can’t find the thread I read it in but I saw an update claiming SoCal was opened up to all current SoCal Black/SUV drivers and most of the areas still accepting new drivers have been halted.

That is what I would like to know as well. Because to me it does not make any sense. Because if it were true that when riders order a TCP vehicle on UberX or XL they do not get charged the SRF then I would think there would be some complaining because different fees would show up depending on the luck of the draw.

Rider: Why did I get charged this safe rides fee when I did not get charged it on my last ride?

I just never have seen any receipts of rides from LAX to verify .

Well that would make some sense after they upped the vehicle requirements to open up all of Los Angeles to all current partners that could afford the new vehicles. Because I am sure those new requirements knocked many guys out of the core part of LA they needed to fill in with guys from other parts that plunked down the $60k for the newer vehicles.

From the Uber rider app for OC it says min fare $ 4.00 $0.18 min $.90 a mile and $1.00 SRF. So if the vehicle that shows up is TCP ,you would not have the $1.00 SRF.