Reached max time allowed to drive on Uber app

:astonished:when did they start this? I didn’t drive 12th straight. Had I known this, I would’ve turned app on during peak


It’s been posted here, you’ve gotten emails about it, and there’s been notifications in app explaining it.

Not everyone got an email or told this in the app cause they never sent me anything of course I’ve never drove over 10 hours max though so that might have something to do with it

They don’t make a major change to the app and not tell drivers about it

So your calling me a liar?

Are you calling me a liar?

I’ve seen it mentioned on here but not one email or anything on the app

So you saw the posts but didn’t bother checking your app or emails? Did you even check your account tab to see if you have this new feature? If not, you wouldn’t be e received any info yet. I received the email Feb 12th and the notification has been in the app since then as well.


Just because you say you did not receive anything, does not mean they did not send it to you! I am not calling you a liar, just saying how things are!

I am not calling you a liar either, just an idiot if you have seen it on here and then say “well they didn’t tell me about it”. Drivers have been posting about this for over a week now, with screen shots and emails. So if you missed it, maybe driving isn’t for you cause I would hate for someone to forget to inform you that you have to stop at red lights and stop signs.

I get on here for an hour or so every morning … just to catch up on what might be going on with Uber.

Checked app and emails but haven’t received either I checked after I seen everyone on here talking about it but I guess you the CEO of Uber and know what everyone get and don’t get

I checked my spam folder and regular I never received anything and my app doesn’t have this new feature that he is talking about because I just checked

They sent it to every single person on Feb. 12. Including you. Unless you have the incorrect email address set up in the app, you got the email. I drive for Lyft, and even I got the email.

@dennis to be fair, I don’t have the new driving time feature in my app

@paul you check Facebook instead of… ya know… the app or emails?

I check everything actually because the App and Emails might only notify me of what is happening in the market I am in. My routine is a simple one … Emails - Uber via Web Portal — Ridesharing Forum, Facebook then I fire up the phone/app before heading out. Why limit your sphere of knowledge to only one or two sources when there are more?

you made it sound like you only check Ridesharing Forum. In all seriousness, you might want to check your email that Uber has

I don’t have it in mine either. And yesterday I intentionally sort of put in more than 12 hours online to test things out … maybe Uber knew I was not driving all day??? … The only Email I got pertaining to the limit said it was being implemented in the " Eastern Shore " market, but I am in the " Baltimore " market … so it might not be in Baltimore yet.

I said I checked Ridesharing Forum… I did not say I did not check other sources, you just assumed that from the information you had at hand. I learned long ago to ask questions before making assumptions!

Yep, now you will have to manage your time, like a real business. So many drivers going to screw this up for themselves. All these people trying to work 18 hours a day, no more… But the good news, won’t be as many drivers available all the time, so business should pick up.

No one is calling anyone a liar, some people just overlook or miss reading mails or perhaps don’t get them, (go to spam/junk box) whatever. However, it was posted here a while back, and there was plenty of discussion going on about this 12 hour issue. For every 12 hours you need 6 hours of sleep, and it is cumulative. So, if you only drive for Uber you have to plan your schedules, if you drive for Lyft too, then you can alternate and that will set your schedule.