Ratings system being tilted in favor of the passengers

If you’re already angry and apparently blaming me for your mistake, I’m not giving you a ride. If you want a ride, you need to say something like “Sorry I put in the wrong address. I’m actually at 234 Oak St. Can you pick me up there?” Then I will be happy to give you a ride. I’ve had that situation happen as well.

People need to be trained that they can’t abuse us and get away with it. If you go into a restaurant and treat the waitress like dirt as soon as she greets you, what kind of service would you expect?

you don’t drive 100K miles and get $100,000. More like 50K to 65K. Do they pay you to drive to the pax. Do they pay you to drive all your dead head miles. You are in for a rude awakening.

In my honest opinion, don’t take risk on such a client. Since you already have taken that risk reach out to Uber and explain your situation. Their support staff is usually very helpful.

Cab drivers face very serious consequences for legitimate complaints. They can lose their ability to lease a cab from companies (banned) or have their license revoked by the city/county.

I have never once stated or implied that Uber is the end all be all. I hope Uber is replaced by a more driver friendly company, but for passengers, it’s a far better product than cabs. Arguing it isn’t is just silly. It’s cheaper, faster, and THEY ultimately decide who stays a driver. Cabs could never stand the bright light of ratings.

Na, as a passenger, I don’t want cities, states, unions, and lawyers getting involved because a driver has BO and doesn’t care. I want the ability to give a quick and fair rating along with other passengers, without any coercion or cooperation, and get rid of him.

Of course there are probably bad passenger experiences here with Uber. I have just never heard one from a passenger. What I do hear every day all day is how arrogant, unreliable, and offensive the cab drivers are. It is what it is. Here, in my city, my pax really do not like cabs or cab drivers.

The reality is you can’t even admit the obvious. The fact that the pax can see where the driver is and has an estimated arrival alone is superior to cab service. The use of an easy app request vs having to go through a dispatcher is superior. Even when a feature is obviously beneficial to the pax, you can’t admit it’s better.

All nonsense. I am as familiar with my city as the majority of cabbies. I have watched cabs come flying by the wrong way on a major one way. I have watched them jumble up and destroy traffic flow.

Arrive, Cancel, ask him cash for 3x surge price. Or he can call another car.
Treat him as an a**hole if he acts like one.

The people have spoken and they prefer Uber. The taxi monopoly is over and no one but cab company owners, their political puppets, unions, and drivers think that’s a bad idea. A few taxi apps trying to play catchup after decades of passenger neglect isn’t impressing anyone.

It is reflected in public opinion here. My cab passengers tell me that every day. UberX beats taxis on one thing only: price. When it surges, it does not do that, even.

I have no idea what those apps do or don’t do, I’ve never even heard of them. I’m sure not taking your word that they do all the same things. You pass any one time allegation off as system wide Uber policy if it feeds into your preconceived agenda.

Standard operating procedure is to start your timer as soon as you arrive at the pin. Wait five minutes, if it’s a no show at 5:00 then no show him in the app and collect the cancellation fee. If he calls while you are waiting to ask where you are then you tell him to look at his Uber app and that he will see that you are at the pickup pin location.