Ratings drops dramatically

Drivers say they can’t but I honestly think they can. Have you ever noticed when you cancel on a passenger after you pressed Rival the next day your rating drops dramatically. Has anyone else experienced this Lyft says says that they cannot rate you if you don’t give them a ride but it just seems too much of a coincidence. Earlier this year I was in a bad neighborhood waiting for a guy for over 8 minutes he called me and said he’s coming out give him a minute wait another 2 minutes cuz it was a decent size right 10 minutes later I tried calling him and he doesn’t answer so I cancel the right. the next day my account under review someone says I had a gun in the car my account was deactivated for about 4 hours then reactivate it without any explanation. I know it was that guy because I didn’t wait for him he made false claims. This is why I think drivers can affect your rating even if you cancel the ride on them after you accept it

same here, a rider left a bad comment/rating after I refused the mountain of luggage plus three not skinny people. Trip never started, but comment was left.

How did you know it was a good ride unless you started the ride?

I thought If the ride is started then they can rate you.

If you never start the ride… and ergo don’t know the destination to be able to judge if it’s a good ride… and just hit no show then no they can’t rate you.

Big difference between a no show and a cancelled ride.

Unless you knew it was a good ride and you’re in a market that lets you see the destination if your acceptance rate is above 90%… but still and all… was it cancelled or a no show?

It lets you see their destination after you press the arrival button. Just click the little box with the persons picture or the box where the pic should be.

I thought the purpose of seeing their destination was to be able to use that information to decide if you want to accept the ride in the first place or not…

Not accept , drive to the pick up location and hit arrive just to see the destination 3 seconds before the pax gets in the car…

Very good point. Because once your there and decide your not wanting to take the ride the shit show would get started

on the Lyft app that’s a little button that you can press that shows you the ride after you press a rival

I love it too I’ve cancelled rides based on if I wanted to wait if it was a short ride if it was surging and I knew they were going to a really bad area and it’s going to take way too long, especially when a person is not where they’re supposed to be at yes it does help out a lot

Can you screen shot that button and tag me in it because I’ve only seen it during that 15 second count down to accept the ride… unless what I’m looking at is the distance to the pax… the map is so small and the count down is so short I so t really have time to examine it… and I accept basically every ride anyways so it doesn’t matter that much to me but I still want to understand the app.

The little button that’s on the right hand corner of the screen shot well when you have a ride in progress and you press a rival the little buttons on the left hand side and you can press it and it shows you on the map where you going

I use it all the time to make decisions like if someone wants to get picked up on Market I will press arrival around the corner and if it’s a crappy trip I won’t risk it RX1 have you waiting for a long period of time you can see if it’s like a 15 year 20 mile trip you’ll be like okay I can wait extra few minutes it really comes in handy when making those decisions or when someone puts in the wrong address you can make a decision if you want to go look for them or just cancel the ride based on how much you will make from the ride

That is my dilemma in this life. DO I cancel and get my $5 fee OR actually wait, then drive which uses my time and gas for the minimum fair of $3.71 (my market)

When u cancelled any trips can’t rate you but the riders he have 2 days to rate you. the rider can’t rate you when you cancel any trips

They can’t rate you, but they can call Lyft and report you. There is a difference. They can say you appeared drunk or high, or that you pulled up to the pick up location and showed a weapon. You don’t have to start a trip for a pax to summit a false report on you.

It’s arrival guys. Lol
Took me a second there (admittedly just getting coffee in me) thought it was some kind of game or something.

“Best your rival with more pick-ups an hour” (need to have Guy Smiley from Sesame Street saying it :rofl:)

I got booted from the female only groups for reasons I do not like. I miss talking to friendly knowledgeable funny females :frowning: