Rating system is wholly irrelevant owing to its statistical invalidity

In the current design of the driver rating system, there is zero statistical difference between a rating of 4.7 and a rating of 5.0, so drivers need not worry one bit as long as their rating is above 4.7. That’s because Uber is taking interval data and trying to mash it into an ordinal scale. That violates the most elementary rules of statistical instrument design. That’s just a statistical fact. I have offered on numerous occasions to consult for Uber and help develop a statistically valid rating instrument, but Uber has told me several times it is perfectly comfortable with its horribly flawed instrument.

Pax don’t seem to give a crap about getting in my car after tooling up or reeking of BO after an all day festival. And the wet drunks, Omfg makes you almost vomit. GUber and all their silly bunk about 5* ratings, bullying drivers into offering limo level service at half a taxi rate. Puhlease!

Pax know what the score is. GUber Economy class service comes with a few conditions. If Pax doesn’t Like your ride let them wait for the next one.

But, if you smoke heavy and do so in your car, it’s going to smell like an ashtray. Period. You can camouflage it somewhat but Non-smokers can tell instantly. If it offended me I would politely cxl and request another ride.

Because of the toll smoking takes on a smoker’s body, a smoker is wholly incapable of detecting the stench of cigarette smoke in a car. I have an interesting story along this line. My son was recently looking for a car for himself. He found a really nice 2008 Civic coupe. It was on its second owner.

I smoke in my vehicle. Usually 2 on my commute to and from work. So, 4 a day. I use Febreze before I drive and never have gotten a complaint. One guy did crack the back window for a short period one time. Rating is 4.93, so it doesn’t seem to be impacting the ratings either. I know the smell is still there and I just can’t smell it, but the Febreze does help.

Even as a smoker, I hate the stale smell of smoke. Think your car, hotel room, old bars. The “ashtry” smell. Some fresh air greatly reduces that. Does not eliminate it, and especially for people who have quit, it’s VERY noticeable.

Oh, and Lowes has some good stuff in the cleaners aisle. Professional grade stuff that hotels use when somebody smokes in a non-smoking room. Last can of that I bought was orange scented. Used it before selling a vehicle and dealer had no clue i smoked inside it.

If they choose to delude themselves…well they smoke and convince themselves it isn’t harming their health. And they drive GUberx and convince themselves they are “making money”. So reality is not their strong suit. But if they’re happy, we’ll just have to content ourselves with judging them in silence. Lol rock on!!

The Febreze bomb description cracked me up. You’ve really thought this through. I’m wondering what the Febreze bomb does to the cabin filter. I have to believe that that much Febreze recirculating in the cabin is carrying lots of dust and contaminants into the cabin filter, which is definitely a good thing.

I remember the first time I changed a cabin filter a number of years ago. I noticed that the AC/heater fan seemed to be getting louder, yet the climate control system just didn’t seem to be working as well as it used to.

Just quit. I did a few weeks ago. Still going through the nicotine withdrawal Incredible Hulk rage attacks though. Anybody who cuts me up out on the roads, I want to rip my steering wheel off with my bare hands, get out the car and beat them to death with it.

Take the ashtray out of your car. My car doesn’t have an ashtray the windows are always open. I still get the french fry grease smell comes from the back seat from all these food service workers who wear their uniform 24/7 and don’t wash.

But remember, nothing will actually remove or cover the smell of smoking in a car. A smoker cannot detect the odor, but a non-smoker with an intact olfactory will every time.

That’s just another example of Commifornia insanity. I can see ticketing someone for littering if they’re tossing butts out the window, but not merely for the act of smoking.