Rate drivers 1 or 2 stars

It’s time for UBER to make it harder for people to rate drivers with a 1 or 2 star :star: I just had a rider who’s nodding out in my backseat doesn’t want to converse (no biggie). Then I get a 1 :star:…WTF

I agree…got a 2 star last night…no complaint with it.
that’s because Uber doesn’t let you submit a reason on the app for the star.

The idea of letting drunks and druggies have a say in service for all other customers to see is absurd ! Think about it !
Rate a product like a phone car stereos not humans !
Ratings need to go and payments need to get to 1.75 a mile and uber gets .50 a mile !

Who cares about ratings. I don’t even look anymore. (Because I’m a 4.96 as of last night) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
That’s why you just have to not worry about these idiots.

it’s the principle of some miserable douche bag being able to rate you without it being the truth.
working on it…I’m sure it’s because I’m a new driver, just like with any new job at first you care then you get to a place of “over it who cares” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I care about ratings. Me having a bag in my backseat caused a 1 start rating. They said my car was dirty. What was in it? Gloves, trash bags, and paper towels.

Yeah my ratings have been a sore spot for me. I open doors, vacuum my car out every time I drive, drive safely and try to be kind. I’m at a 4.9 drove 35 passengers on Friday night and my ratings have not changed. I ask everyone for 5 stars and it doesn’t seem to be helping. I am so worried I’m gonna get suspended for ratings I don’t feel I deserve

Lyft’s rating works much better by the way
It’s easier to get your back up in Lyft uber seems to just keep you at the lower rating for ever
Lyft is like a sliding scale it will go down then come back up to the real ratings

Secret to high rating…in three simple steps

  1. Step number one always mirror the idiot passengers.

  2. Step number two never offer them anything they will use your kindness as weakness.

  3. Step number three never pickup anyone rated below 4.7 (they rated low not just because they are nice but, because they are passengers from hell.

Enjoy your driving with zero stress

I got a 1star then on things to improve they wrote ‘she so good’ I dont understand
Most humans also don’t know what they are pressing or they miss hit the wrong thing screen sensitive issues plus drunk

not exact anyway but if you know your ratings then drop a passenger and now you havve a 1 star :thinking: bottom line is I’ve NEVER deserved a 1 Star nor have I ever gave anyone a 1 Star

For some reason, Uber won’t allow you to see your cumulative ratings anymore, so you can’t see who gave you a negative rating…There’s no way to indicate what ratings a rider gives you.

I got my last 1 :star: rating for not allowing some college kids to pile into my seat and have more people then I can legally take. They gave me 1 :star: because I followed the law and it caused one of their friends to have to order another Uber.

they tried it. They should have ordered a bigger Uber. I mean it does tell u how many ppl can fit in the car. And Uber is stupid for allowing these ppl to get away with the bs

I wish there was a low rating option for “Vomited” and “heavily intoxicated”. This sort I always ask to not be paired with again. Ughh… Honesty they shouldn’t be giving us a 1 star rating because at the end of the day they could be walking or riding the bus.

I just hate rating systems. Totally subjective. You can be The World’s Best and someone can mess with you just for the fun of it. I think I’m learning that we get rated based on the things that we can not control.

Agree! Bad ratings are almost always unfair! And never reasons are given either! I am not sure I can handle much more of driving for Uber… it makes one feel worthless at times. The ratings should not be anonymous either. I mean we need to know who not to be paired with again!

Thursday, I drove 2 people who instructed me how to get to their destinations. They also old me that they take UBER everyday and that the GPS always tells the driver to go to X location. So after drop off I noticed I got rated a 4 twice. Hmm, coincidence? I think they misinterpret and are actually rating uber. It really sucks because I try to be nice and friendly and for someone to just assume otherwise is really not fair.