Question how important recording is?

Back in the 90’s a cabbie in Reno got clever and mounted a voice activated recorder in the cab. One night two guys flagged hum down and gave a residential address in an area without radio coverage. There they shot him, robbed him, and used a walkie-talkie to summon a confederate in a chase car. TEN hours later he was found. By then, John Castro had died. Eventually the three were tried. That recording was essential for solving the crime. The felons are in prison - either serving life or on death row.

I’m not saying it is a bad idea. It’s been proven time and again that most people, when they think they are being recorded, behave better. There’s a reason why personell complaints go down when cops wear cameras.

I bought stickers and have them applied to the passenger windows by the door handles. More of a CYA. I agree that people do tend to behave better when they think they’re being recorded. I’ve had a couple of people ask me where the camera is, I just tell them they’re hidden. LOL I actually bought a dual dash cam but it won’t stay stuck to the windshield (hence the “hidden”). Ordered the Falcon from Amazon and literally got it in 30 minutes go. We’ll see how well that one works.

Intoxicated people don’t give a damn and will be belligerent right into the camera. They do not take into consideration the ramifications because they are inebriated.

Yea, lets hear how that works out. Everyone seems to like that one. I just don’t like how small the scan disk cards are. They should take the 200 gig cards.

Here’s a sure way to avoid picking up drunk people. I roll up, doors locked, passenger window cracked. I shout “How do you pronounce the capital of Kentucky…Lou-e-ville or Lu vull?”. If they do not answer “Frankfort”, I simply drive off.

A good way to avoid unruly passengers is to club them over the head and stuff them in the trunk. This way I don’t have to vacuum out my back seat nearly as much!

Had a pax ask about the dashcam last night. “Does it record inside and outside? Does it save locally or in the cloud? How long are the files saved?” etc
I told them “Oh yes, it records both inside and outside for safety reasons in case of an accident.” "I have it set up to send the files to the cloud and it writes over the file after about 6 hours so nothing is saved unless there is a problem."After that the pax was one of the nicest pax I have ever had! 5 star too.

Thought you were talking about the video and audio surveillance Uber conducts on us. Besides the tracking Uber does even when our apps. Are turned off.

What effect would it have against bad behavior ?
Does Uber watching you modify YOUR behavior ?
I know the Uber red speed dot slows me down.

When I started driving, I made up a sign that had all the usual notifications. One of these reads "Smile, You’re on camera."I didn’t have a camera at first. I had several folks ask where the camera was. They certainly noticed the sign!
Naturally, you don’t want to create an “us vs. them” atmosphere. At any mention of the camera, I mention the need to protect myself from all the bad drivers out there. This closes the topic in a friendly way.

As long as there is a sign that is clear you should be fine. Your car is your place of business, its the same concept as walking into target or Best Buy with their surveillance.

Again the same concept applies to any place of business. If you don’t want to give consent then leave the Uber car and leave Best Buy or target. Because Best Buy target and Uber cars have merchandise worth enough to count as a federal charge if stolen.

But you dont need a sign if its just Video recording, you would need a sign for audio recording in a place of business. Its so silly. Then again this Penal Code wont apply to recording in your own house with things such as a nanny cam etc…

Not in wonderful Commonwealth of Virginia! One-party consent law, and I know I’m recording hehe. I’m wondering if putting a sign will help deter bad behavior before it happens. I don’t just want to record it, I’m hoping to prevent something bad happening all together.