Protest Against New Uber Surge

In Cincinnati, we are protesting the new uber surge. We have been on the Cincinnati news, and the news agency has reached out to uber to ask why are you taking even more from drivers while still charging riders the same multiplier.

UBER RESPONSE: we hold listening sessions around the country and drivers have asked for better ways to earn money during surges. So we are doing this as a test market.

My question to this national group is.

  1. How many of you have went to this listening sessions?

  2. How many of you have complained about the surges and what did you want to change?

  3. What state are you from?

  4. The town that you drive in is it a small town or large city?

Thank you for your response.

Its insane. Its slowly hitting cities across America. When i say we are getting robbed. You can’t imagine the money uber is now making now leaving us with scraps. This is disgusting

This will be Nationwide by the end of summer. It’s bullshit Bc the sheep that just keep doing rides. Meanwhile, they never knew how to double or triple their money by doing surge only rides. Uber is about dead for drivers.

We are trying to create a real movement. We are getting f$$$$$ hard. Shit is serious. Last night at the concert the surge was up to 91$. Uber was paying drivers 10$. Drivers said fuck uber, pay me cash and I will drive you for 80$. Shit is getting real

They just need to get rid of the upfront pricing and go back to how it was before. They’re really ripping off the passengers, and that means fewer people want to ride with us.

It’s where an Uber corporate employee rides with you, and it’s like a survey thing you don’t “go” to it, and it’s not a great representation of all drivers, and they have it as a percentage then they find out what we don’t like and push it out there anyway.

Ya we just got too many drivers and the other night I picked up a lyft ambassador n he told me they’re trying to bring 5000 more to the already crazy saturated area n said that most likely we will start making even less

I live in one of the most over-saturated Uber markets in the US, Orlando, we only make $0.53/mile $0.08/min for Uberx, and I’ve never even heard of a “listening session.”

In everything, Uber does concerning pricing they operate under the guideline of always seeking the highest price the pax will pay and the lowest amount the driver will accept. With #PennySurge they have finally arrived. Rider pays regular surge, a driver gets $6.

Further evidence (as if any more were needed :face_with_monocle:) that Uber hires us under a retail/wholesale arrangement, NOT an agency arrangement. What the rider pays Uber has NOTHING to do with what Uber pays us drivers