Protection for drivers

I know there has been a lot of posts about protection for drivers. This might be something to think about having under your seat for a potential dangerous situation. Especially for the women drivers.

Sprays are a bad idea in an enclosed space. Also a taser or stun gun

Yep, we use that on over the road trucks.

It won’t explode in your car. And nothing works well in an enclosed space. They idea is get out of the car and your attacker gets out too .

When using a spray, don’t aim for the face at first. Aim at their chest. If they see the spray they’ll duck down to avoid it. If you’re aiming for the face, they’ll avoid it, but if you are aiming first at their chest, they’ll duck right into it. If by chance they remain upright then bring the spray up.

When it comes to personal defense, it is imperative that you have a plan. That you practice the plan, find its faults and modify the plan so that it works. Then practice the heck out of it. You want your reaction to be at the subconscious level. If it’s not there, you’ll freeze because of the adrenalin overload.

Attackers choose their victims because they perceive them to be weak. When you go bezerk on them, they will just want to be rid of you.

Make a habit of carrying two wallets. One with the things you need, the other is a throw away. The throw away has a few dollars and expired cards and those fake ones that come in the mail. Never hand your throw away to the attacker. Instead throw it over their head or to the side of them. They will turn their focus on that wallet which gives you an opportunity to get away.

Your real wallet should be an RFID blocker. I’ve had my bank cards cloned and believe that it was a pax that did it.

Wasp spray will not cause permanent damage and is designed to be sprayed from a distance. Injector cleaning fluid could cause permanent damage and is designed to be sprayed in very close proximity. Stick with the wasp spray.

Wasp spray is like 6 bucks for 2 cans! Worried about confined space? If shits going down, get pulled over immediately, grab keys and get out!! With the spray! Dial 911 if you haven’t already, defend yourself with the spray!! I hope NO ONE EVER needs this!! But?? Ya never know, please be safe!

I am a Security Guard! I have been attacked on and off Of working as a guard. Ok so Do what ever is achievable to defend yourself. There is no right or wrong way. Good luck!

I’ve told people for years it is a poor man’s mace just bulky for a purse. It is illegal to use wasp spray as a weapon.

Pepper spray is like $5-$10. Just get that. Stop trying to be creative.

I drive with my .380 with a round chambered. I don’t need 25’ to shoot someone in my car

And you’re not going to shoot your little gun in the car either. First you have to get it. You can’t outdraw someone who has a gun already aimed at you, can you, Wyatt Earp.

The idea is to get out and away. You’re being attacked because you are being perceived as weak. Action proves that you are not, changes the whole dynamics of the situation.

How many people get shot with their own gun?

A can of mace sprayed in a car can get you just as easy especially this time of year with A.C. on ! Makes it tough to use your .380 when you can’t see !In close quarters such as a car I would bet as soon as I see you pull a gun I’m slapping it out of your hand

I don’t carry mace. And your comment also applies to wasp spray. based mace is a better solution than spray mace or wasp spray. And a can of wasp spray can be grabbed and used against you or blocked with a hand

The gel can be gathered up and used against you. Only works if you make contact with exposed skin. Not if you are out of the car and 10 feet away from them. Your best defense is not to stay in the car, get out, but remember to take your phone, and get the keys out of the ignition.

Didn’t you read the advice above grab keys get 15 ! Away shoot wasp spray at an attacker safest way to go. Boils down to whatever works for you ! Good luck

Nice article fuck yeah fuck up their nervous system compare that to pepper spray which if you work around jalapenos or love ghost peppers you might even develop a tolerance for

If you leave that in your car on a hot day it’s going to explode.

Oh good God…seriously don’t.