Problem I see with taking pings whenever you can get them is that

You have to then commit to driving until it brings you reasonably close to your house again. You could have a list of errands you could knockout after dropping off pax. The thing to be weary of is going out for 1 ride at a time and driving too many miles without passengers.

For example. If you take a pax 10 miles away from your house and just go home after you are putting 20+ miles on your car for only 10miles in fares. If you go out for multiple rides maybe you can eventually end up back by your house and not have so many miles without a pax/fare in the car.

Im doing that now, i have my app on going 3 hours, no ping! I wanted to see if anybody moving around my city because i live close to our downtown, i will cut it off around 10p

I just went in to see what was happening and got a ping that said 12 minutes away but I know is really 20. Not worth my time to do. Start paying me more and I’ll accept these further pings but I keep turning them down with the lower rates.

I’ve been toying with the idea of not accepting pings that are more than 7 or 8 minutes away. Is that a good personal policy, do you think? We need to avoid deadhead miles if we have designs on making actual money.

We are technically outside the city limits (as evidenced by the 7 hours of non-stop fireworks on NYE, not exaggerating, it sounded like WW3 outside and there was never a cease fire), but it’s a huge suburb and we’re close to Sea World so we don’t get a lot of pings at home, but we do stay logged in most of the time and get one occasionally.

When I first started I accepted almost all pings and I learned quickly that isn’t the smartest idea. Now I pretty much only accept pings 5 minutes or less unless I am heading in that direction or I know the area is a neighborhood a little away from where most people are and it should be a decent fare. I’ve had some good fares that were 7-8 minutes away but no one wanted to head to because they wanted to stay in the city

Hasn’t hurt me. Been doing it for 6 months. Maybe someone that doesn’t accept a majority of their pings can respond to you. They do send you a weekly report. I don’t pay it much attention. It usually says if I drive in the middle of the night, I can make more money. I drive 9am - 9pm.

I started not accepting pings and so far everything is ok. on the weekly email report is shows my acceptance rate was lower but still not a problem since I also accept enough. I think as long as you don’t let all ping away and accept enough it is fine

I’m too close to the airport, I have done it will occasionally turn my phone on before I go out but seldom get anything. I also vacuum my car before I start and there are no close vacuums since the idiots destroyed the coin slots right down the road.

As I drive out of Hoboken, if I get a ping from path area, I would let it go offline and wait a couple of minutes and turn back on. I would repeat until I get out of Hoboken. I would do this so I don’t miss a Jersey City or other area call.

I have not accepted ping, gone offline, got the same ping and didn’t accept it, when offline, gave it a min. or two and went back online. I’ve done this for many months now. I have never gotten this message. I could be considered the ignore ping poster boy. The ping is too far, the area is no good, client rating bad, airport pickup, Hoboken, didn’t get to it in time, are some of the reasons I ignore ping. I see you are a taxi driver. Maybe this is an UberTaxi thing or NYC thing. I drive UberX in NJ.

And people in Hell want ice water, but they don’t get it. I have gotten a warning on star rating when I first started to drive. But once you drive over a thousand times, your rating is solid. The star rating is the only thing that I would worry about.

He is very secure in his role in our family. I have two school aged children who lost their father to cancer last winter. I am grateful that my husband is committed to being there for the kids when I am gone on cases.

The important thing is that if he were to come across the comment he knows that I value everything he brings to the relationship and family and that he is no less worthy and amazing because it does not include money. What he brings to us is priceless.

I do the same thing as Casandria. I lost the father of my children to the same cancer last Christmas and I get concerned if I have not heard from him and I know that he cannot text while with pax.

I am more worried about a car accident, or a health event like a seizure/heart attack that could cause an accident as well. And I enjoy just seeing where his fares bring him.