Problem getting a personal policy that is okay with ride-share

Some states have pilot programs going on with policies for ride-share, like Progressive in Colorado (when I last spoke to them in October). When I called around, I was only able to get quotes from small insurance brokers who provide specialty insurance (skydiving, ride-sharing…you know, daredevil ****!). Some companies take the wait and see approach and will exercise their right to deny renewal, and others, like Geico, are proactive and ****-canning people’s policy for ride-sharing. If you do find a policy, you can expect anywhere between $3,600/yr and $10,000/yr (most realistically around $6k). And those low-end policies are supplemental to your personal policy, meaning you have to have a personal policy in place also that will cover your vehicle when not being used for ride-share. What they don’t understand is that we already have that through Lyft/Uber…

Wording similar to what your renewal application contains has always been there, probably without the term “rideshare.” But who reads the boilerplate, anyway? Tx rides has explained in other threads re insurance how in certain scenarios you would be "running bare,"at the completion of a rider-paid trip and Uber’s coverage has ended. Your personal insurance company does not want the extra risk involved with rideshare without adding a higher premium.

They would have to cover you if you were named in a lawsuit by passengers injured in your car, even if Uber’s insurance was primary. Eventually this will be worked out, but in the meantime, lying to your insurer is not a smart move, as it is considered fraud, a prosecutable offense. The least you could face is cancelling of your policy and higher rates from any company who would take you.

The insurance scams that ride share companies and drivers are running is the single biggest flaw/lie/illegal action in the entire construct, openly violated by ride share companies. Unrepentantly so.

In short, they could give a rats ass if drivers have suitable coverage. They don’t. And drivers do NOT have suitable/legal coverage, period, unless they have a livery policy.

I see another fairy tale is bring floated.

There are no personal auto policies that have a ‘not valid when ride share driving’ but ‘valid when not rideshare driving’ feature. All personal auto policies have a livery exclusion, meaning that those who engage in ride share have an invalid personal auto policy.

We’d have to venture that not 5 drivers in 100 are even aware of it because THE COMPANIES LIE TO THEM about this reality or at best IGNORE this reality.

Freakin’ thieves and criminals, these ride share companies. They really ought to be brought to justice immediately.

So U Knew ur friends insurance was in jeopardy with Geico and driving for Fuber and U went and bought newer car to fuber in WithOUT checking further into Insurance Issues???

THAT WAS PRETTY STUPID dont u think???

I just believe that your ubering business is not geico’s business.
They only cover you while you’re off duty, which technically is commute or pleasure

Why deal with geico at all?
Your policy barely covers their advertising expenses.
They don’t have any money to pay your claims

I was quoted $2800 last year around October to insure my car for livery. Uber covers the passengers, if you get into an accident your private insurance has to and must cover your vehicle and yourself. As far as anyone is concerned you where just driving some friends to their destination. I just hope that no one gets into an accident, drive safe and always slow down at green lights just in case the guy coming the other way doesn’t stop for the red.

It looks like Farmers and USAA both have created rideshare ins in CO, so it will possibly be coming to those companies in other states. Farmers was gouging, increasing like 25%, but USAA was really good, just like $8 a month extra, I think.

A 25% premium would be cheap by comparison to a full blown livery policy. Even cheap by comparison to livery insurance companies who have factored down their rates by about 1/2 for ride share policy overlaps.

I’d be on it in a heart beat IF, big IF, I’m still doing this gig after the anticipated and soon to follow Lyft matching Uber rate cuts.

With USAA I believe you have to be a military or police force person or related to one to be able to insure with them.

I think USAA is only available to active or former members of the miltary and their families- not for law enforcement per se. Lots of cops are former military of course, which could lead to this assumption. The nice thing about it seems to be that if your parent or possibly grandparent served, you could be eligible with no military service.

Geico is still cheapest of them all and not all Uber drivers reside in CO. So, if you drive for Uber you are involved in insurance fraud, exactly as Uber tells you to do it. But, if you get hurt Uber won’t pay for your medical expenses. If you passengers get hurt they can sue you and your assets are at risk.

but heres the thing,if you use the car for private purposes,thtose are the times that we accept the insurrance company to pay. If we use it for commerical purposes, we dont expect our personal insurance to pay for an accident anyway. It seems to me insurance companies should only worry about incidents where THEY have to pay out,not somebody else.

i never knew geico had ANY such policy for rideshares
PLEASE give us more info
like how high are the rates??