Pretty awesome people in 380 rides

No one has even been in a bad mood (maybe 2 that were noticeably pissed). I’m all for staying safe, any city has the potential for attacks at any time of day or night. That’s why I’ve researched and got that pepper gel and duel camera dash cam. Also carefully watch demeanor and movements just in case. I’m extremely welcoming and kind but yes we need to be vigilant. I’ve literally thought, “Ok if this person starts freaking out and just f*king wailing on me what am I going to do?” I’m a 28 year old male, 5’9 205lbs, weightlifter; I’m not a massive 6’3 dude but I don’t think I make the easiest target either. All comes down to being safe and of course making that moneyy.

I’ve been quite vocal that driving Uber is a means of community service for me and a way to honor my kid brother’s passing six years ago. Not that anyone cares, but the topic has come up.

Did you ever hitchhike in college? Did you ride up front or in back? I hitchhiked a lot in college and I always rode up front. That may be why I’m not at all bugged when my paxs ride up front. Sometimes I’ll even fling the front door open…if she’s a saucy tomato.

Not all perceptions/perspectives are logical; I like that. Yet, rarely, is there right/wrong. There are various levels of pain from the consequences to choices. That is why paying attention to warnings and disclosures can only help.

If they ask to sit in the front I let them but it felt weired sometimes, because you don’t know if they are going to talk or just sit there enjoying the view… People who sat in the front of my car mostly are good tippers except for the Europeans and Asians… No offense! But sadly true!!!

In the back they go. My personal items and cleaning basket are upfront with me. They have their choice of 6 seating position in the back.

Whenever I pull up, I roll down the window, confirm they are my PAX and offer front or back, whatever they want. Some like the back and just take that. Others prefer the front. I really don’t mind at all.

I’m usually wearing the same thing. I hope pax don’t really care about what a driver is wearing. I know the Uber “belief system” states that you should wear a shirt and tie(if you’re a guy), but it doesn’t really specify what the female drivers should be wearing.

With my heavy college girl filled market here in Columbia, you are more then welcomed to sit in the front in your strapless top and your very short skirt … did I mention no bras either??

No. I really prefer that riders sit in the back. For safety and for privacy.
After a few awkward and bad rides I feel that riders need to sit in the back unless it’s a lot of people.

That’s a great way to say it. You made me laugh. I’m 6’3" and 200 pounds. I don’t get handled like a puppy. Although last Super Bowl Sunday I had an interesting, inebriated, female passenger ride up front and get handsy.

Prefer the back. But I’ve had a couple of cute girls hop in the front that I didn’t mind. A real chatty blond last night. I should have asked for the number.

Back seat all the way. I have about 130 trips under my belt, “NuBee”, and I feel more comfortable when they’re in the back seat than up front with me.

Why the hell would you punish someone for being raised right. What planet are you from that you think that treating someone in a service position like a normal human being is somehow a bad thing. You respect the Kardashians, am I right?

Generally the Pax that want to sit up front seem to be friendlier and more likely to tip. All my driving is week day mornings, 90% of my Pax are lawyer, Dr and bankers.

I had a lady sit in the back and roll down the window because it was a cool night and we weren’t going far, after a couple of blocks I noticed the smell, she was smoking in my car. got kicked off to the curve out of my car

You gonna Uber, you gotta embrace your ridership. Front is fine. Sometimes I send them to the back so I have deniability, but otherwise, front is fine/better. I get to relate to them face to face, which is great for tighter bonding and clearer communications. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer? And many posters say it attracts less attention, which is generally good.

The payout is the same in the front or in the back. I don’t give a crap. I get just as annoyed by a front seat person who is silent and fiddles with my air vents as I do with someone in the back trying to tell me which way to go.