Premium Pickup Likely is a scam

I work in Chicago and the suburbs. Started getting “premium pickup likely” messages occasionally and started to put together a pattern: all were 12-15 minute drives to the pickup, and then the ride was only 4-7 minutes. Uber customer service’s automated response to my question was that they “try their best to anticipate when it might be a premium pickup”. Really? They know EXACTLY how long the ride is when the rider requests it. What’s to anticipate. I figured out that it’s really a scam to get a driver to drive a long way to a pickup because no other drivers are near. I quit taking them. It kept dragging me further out from the city. And by the way, does Uber really think that there is a person answering the driver messages? Answers always start with an apology about how frustrating something can be, and then gives a canned answer that doesn’t remotely answer the question you asked.

I did the same thing too. Premium pickups are not worth your time. Unless Uber starts showing the ride time, I’m not accepting them. The per mile and minute rate is too low.

I noticed that also! Not a single one was premium/Select. All have been $3 rides.
But if you decline your acceptance rating goes in the toilet also.

Do not worry about your acceptance rating. Uber will not deactivate you based on acceptance rating. You have every right to decline a ride request as you’re working as an independent contractor. However, do not accept the ride and then cancel it, that’ll count towards driver cancelation and could lead to deactivation if it stays above 10% consistently.

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