Prefer PAX to sit in the front?

I prefer that they sit in the back. I had a guy today ask if he could sit in the front seat and of course I said yes. Then we spent ten minutes barely saying a word to each other. I can ignore them better when they’re in the back.

I understand a pair in the back but if youre alone sit up front for crying out loud . I hate solo pax in back seat its so weird .

Uber is still fairly new for our area so a lot of pax asks and I always say to go ahead and sit up front. They are definitely a lot more talkative and I’ve noticed a trend that tippers tend to sit up front but that could go along with being talkative as well. Now if I get one of those passengers that smell like they haven’t showered in a week I prefer them to sit in the back.

I tend to go out after the gym so I’ve got workout clothes on yet every weekend I’ve always got a group trying to convince me even with what I’m wearing I still need to park to join them for a slice of pizza or a beer lol. But I live in a college town so 90% of my passengers are in their 20s so it flys extremely well.

I picked up a guy who reached for the front passenger door, but I pointed to the back and he got in and immediately rolled the window down. He spent a good deal of time on the phone so when he was done I asked if he wanted me to turn the air on.

I thought he was hot and he said no, but he sometimes gets carsick if he doesn’t sit in the front. I thought people outgrew that sort of thing. Of course I offered for him to sit up front but at that point we were almost at the drop off and he declined. You just never know.

I like sitting in the back because if I fall asleep it’s not so awkward. I tip regardless now but that’s cos I’m lyfting. It’s crazy but this one dude from yeman only got five for my ride so I tipped him $10.

I usually sit in front on my Uber rides as a passenger. A few drivers point to the back seat. I have tipped every driver, yet my pax rating is 4.9, not 5.0. Might have gotten a 4 for sitting in front.

I get carsick easily even still in my mid-forties. It’s a real b“tch supervising my teen drivers when they have their permits. Because of my tendency to get carsick, I’ve always preferred to drive. I do okay in the front seat, except for certain drivers (I can’t ride with my sister or father)

I hate all people who sit in the back. It’s not a Taxi, it’s Uber. That means normal cars. There is no divider, it’s not a normal cab. It’s a illegal cab, so sit up front you chumps.

It doesn’t matter to me. The upside of a front seat passenger is visibility - I can simply monitor him better so that he’s less likely to cause a mess or leave rubbish behind. Almost nobody would do that when the driver is right in front of them.

I love to talk (perhaps too much) so if they sit in the front they are subjected to my chattiness. I do invite them to join me in the front. Hopefully they engage me or I will stop and make them sit in the back.

I have no problems with them riding up front, whatever they prefer really. As a passenger, I always sit up front with Uber and Lyft (when traveling solo).

Front seat, back seat, trunk, roof rack, running boards…I don’t car where they ride, as long as they’re not dbags and they’re not obstructing my view.

I prefer front seat riders but it’s whatever they want. It does annoy me when they sit directly behind me. When a talkative one does that, I ask them to slide their butt over. The quiet one’s make me paranoid. I also sit in the front when I am a PAX.

You’re in a service position, I feel like you should allow them to sit in any seat they’d like. Do restaurants decline when you ask for a booth instead of the table they’re seating you at? If they know anything about customer service the answer is no.

I enjoying having Pax sit upfront if they want to chat while encounter to their destination. About 75% of my Pax are suit and tie (bankers / lawyer) going downtown or the airport. Lots of the business riders are conducting shop while sitting in the back seat. Great type of Pax neat, clean with no food or coffee and ready to go when you arrive at the pickup location.