Postmates Customer Service for Drivers - Tips on orders, manage damaged or wrong orders and other delivery issues (Part 3)

The Postmates Delivery Help Book continued…

Postmates is a delivery service that offers credit delivery services from shops and restaurants. Basically, Postmates is a door-to-door delivery service to different from any other and operates an app to enable driver's interaction to be easy and successful.

Here are some FAQs about some of the Postmates issues that may arise during delivery. We take into account that you are already a registered Postmates driver and have the app if not, download it first and register, its free and will enable you to understand the process much easier.

Your Postmates Credit Card doesn't work

If the card you have doesn't charge, then you must perform the following checks:

  • Run the card as a Credit, Postmates cards will only work if Credit is chosen and they do not have a pin number.
  • Check to see if the order was prepaid; there is no point in trying to pay and waste time trying, the card will not work for a prepaid order.

For any other reasons, no matter what they are, you do not use your own cash or cards to pay for an order. Instead, you follow the following actions:

  • Choose the "help" option on the delivery screen
  • Press the headset icon button
  • Press "purchasing help."

Choose the issue that is closest to yours; either

  • "need additional funds" - you will get a choice of amounts to fill up the card.
  • "can't pay (cancel)" – The delivery will be canceled

If the card still doesn't work after additional funds have been added, check to see if the merchant is a Postmates partner, maybe the order was prepaid.

Tips from experience:

If you cannot pay for an order, don't leave the merchant site until you have followed the above options. The worst-case scenario is to cancel the order.

Do not photograph the receipt until it has been paid. This will disable your ability to add funds to the card.

Always double check how much funds you need, if your order is $40 and you only have $25, then your card will not be accepted.

Check to see that the card is not worn out or damaged in any way. If it is, then you need to order a new card, and one will be delivered to your home address for free.

Cash Orders

Postmates is a credit based delivery service; no cash is every used during deliveries, even tips are paid via the app. If a merchant refuses a credit card payment and demands cash, contact support immediately. By reporting the merchant as a cash-only receiver, you will ensure that he is removed from the list of partners and merchants that Postmates works with, saving you and another drivers time.

Damaged or Wrong Orders

If you pick up an order and it is damaged or is the wrong order, contact support. They will notify the customer, and then you will receive an update on how to proceed.

The common options are that the customer will either make a re-order or cancel.

If the order was prepared incorrectly, just ask the merchant to correct it and pay with the Postmates card. No matter what happens during a pick-up, notify the customer and explain why the ETA might be delayed.

Pickup Canceled Orders

On occasions, orders will be canceled at pick up. You will get an app notification, and this occurs sometimes. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The merchant is closed
  • The merchant has too many customers on site (too busy)
  • The merchant takes only cash
  • The merchant has an issue with their communications or credit card software
  • The customer canceled the order

Dealing with Pick Up Issues

You can always get online support from the app. This is always the best option and will resolve any issues quickly. Always update your ETA and make sure you have enough funds on your card. If the problem is with an order make-up then contact support:

  • Choose the "help" option on the delivery screen
  • Press the headset icon button
  • Press "purchasing help."

A canceled order after Pick up

If the order is canceled after a pick-up, you will be paid for your time. If it is a returnable item, you return the order to the merchant. If it is food, or perishable goods you get to keep it, or throw it away or give it away, it's up to you.


This is an important issue since ratings show how good you are to both customer and Postmates.


Weekly summaries are sent to you every Wednesday; it includes your overall rating as well as the rating for the previous week's work. If you have issues or questions, contact Postmates support.


After you complete 20 deliveries, you will be able to view your overall ratings in the newsroom screen in the app.

Minimum Rating

A Postmates rating must be higher than 4.7, anything from 4.6 and below will lead to automatic suspension and if not dealt with, will lead to your account closure. If your account is suspended, you will receive an e-mail from Postmates. This is why following your ratings is crucial, and you should query any rating under 4.6 immediately with support.

App sticking issues

Sometimes, when a delivery is canceled the app will stick on the delivery stage, you will need to follow these instructions to clear up the issue:

App technical issues

If the app is not functioning properly, try these tricks we listed them from simplest to hardest:

  • Check to see you have a good communications signal. If the signal is weak or if you don't have a signal the app won't work.
  • Check to see your device has enough space, if their device is full, memory management becomes an issue, and most apps start to stutter. Your options are erased other programs, clear up the photo and video album or get a new device with more memory.
  • Close the app (forced closing) and then re-open
  • Hard close the smartphone, this sometimes releases memory management issues
  • Check to see if your device has the latest operating system, if not, maybe update it.
  • Check to see you have the latest updated version, if not, delete the old one or download the new one from On occasions, deleting an app and installing it again will solve the problem.

You can read up in the help center about "report a technical app bug," and you can check out all the possible solutions in the help section. Reporting glitches that don't get solved from the above list are important for the Postmates development team.

Accident/Collision Situation Management

The moment you get into an accident, and if you are unhurt, then notify support immediately as well as cancel the order. Also, send email to with all the information pertaining to the accident and Postmates will respond immediately.

If, unfortunately, you were injured, and cannot respond immediately, then just send an email to the moment you can.