Portland lyft vs uber for new driver? Any advice

Portland Oregon lyft vs uber

I’ve only been driving for Lyft in Portland Oregon, for just over 3 weeks. I don’t drive for uber. But what I’ve found that seems Uber drivers are typically angry types.

I believe in customer service. Don’t matter if its a buck $1. or hundred bucks $100. My service for everyone is the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are jerks out there. I know we much have some excpetions. I know some riders want quiet and peace, while others want to talk. And others won’t shut up! lol.

But overall, I’m very happy to be doing this. Its a great extra income. And any rider I can get to come back to Lyft, is another dollar I may make in the future. So why does it seem Uber drivers in general (and some Lyft) are just mean, jerks, and cruel to those that are paying their wages?

We are indepentant contractors. I’ve been one for about 20 years now with a distribution warehouse I manage. And there are times I want to tell a customer to F*ck off, but I don’t. I treat them extra nicely and hope for the best in the future.

Any insight to this? Anyone else notice this? I know many of you are partnered with both companies. And maybe in time, I too will be jaded where I’m a jerk to the customers. but I hope at that time, I find my way out of this Lyft position and doing something else for fun and extra income.