Pool rider started

Pool just started in my area. From previous posts on this oage, I gather its not worth it really? Any input from those who have had it for a while? Should I just decline? Yesterday I had a pool with a 45+ ride and I didn’t accept it.

How do you know that it is a pool ride when it first pings? Pools are worthy with consecutive rides bonuses or with surge.

I had my very first pool ride the other day because I happen to get close to a larger City in my area. The ride was about 12 minutes long and I only got paid a little over $4 for that ride. Had I been in my County where I normally Uber I probably would have gotten paid at least double that for that same ride. So I would say from my one experience it didn’t seem worth it.

so you can get a pool ride, at the discounted rate, and it winds up being only 1 rider…all because they chose the option of pool to pay cheaper and risk adding another stranger into the mix?!

I’m guessing that’s what their plan was. It was a mother and daughter and they both went to the same place. I was not thrilled.

Depends on if you are going for a quest, pools are good to get in a lot of rides for the quests but they are terrible for paying you a decent wage.

I decline when it’s busy, when it’s more than 4 minutes away and definitely if it’s a 45+. It’s like giving a free ride “Hi there, I’ll just pay for your gas”

Don’t EVER accept pool rides with a 45min + destination. Only accept pools when it’s surging and turn on “Stop new requests” option when accepting pool requests.

“stop new requests” would not prevent getting another passenger in the current pool trip, we have no choice here, to accept or not to accept a second passenger on the trip

It can be they I have made ok money on the pool but only if it’s dropping and picking up
Non stop for a few hours

Are you obligated to do pool rides ? Or is it like Uber eats that youll able to remove it from your rides options?

It’s up to you if you want to accept POOL or not. And no, you do not have the option to turn it off/remove the POOL option. you use to be able to tell them to take you off it

No, it’s not a cancellation if you didn’t accept in the first place. Maybe you meant acceptance rate? Even that, you don’t even have to worry about…I don’t. But I can’t speak for everybody else.

this is all not true, it might depend on the market, but pool rates (for drivers) per mile are nearly identical to uberx (at least in Nevada). No matter how little pax sometimes pay, drivers are still get paid for miles and minutes, so sometimes if there is a faster but longer way, you can get paid even more than pax paid.
Uber just saves here, that they dont pay drivers double per mile for having several different parties of people in your car. But it is still ok.
Uber Pool also isn’t a bad thing because it keeps you busy, eliminating downtime. I had trips lasting for more than one hour, with 6 different parties of people. I’m just sometimes afraid that it would turn into a never-ending loop lol

I know for me when i worked in philly, pools paid less. If u got a long pool id accept and, just like everyone else says, hit the “stop new requests”. At that point it wont add other riders

on’t have Uber pool in my market. However, I still recommend you try it a couple times and see. Each market is SO different, you never know what will actually work or NOT.