Police has several tests to confirm if someone is over the legal limit

Seems to me the question is how visibly obvious the drunk was. On one extreme a person who drank a beer shouldn’t have the cops called on them. Whereas the person staggering out of the bar, pounding a beer, yelling obscenities, and can barely get into the car should probably be reported to 911, regardless if there is a surge. If you have a ping in queue, most people will be understanding of you being a couple minutes late because you were reporting a drunk driver (and thereby making the roads more safe for them).

If someone broke in your house and was raping and torturing your 5 year old kid would you not fault your neighbors for not calling 911 when they heard him/her screaming in pain? Would you think it was just “considerate” of them if they did do so?

Love watching the discussion degrade as it gets later. If I see a obvious drunk driver on the road, I always call 911 I have yet to drop off a drunk at their car, but I would drop a dime on them in a nanosecond. I spent most of my life in healthcare. The results of drunk driving are not pretty.

I understand and respect your perspective, but I don’t share it. Whenever I see someone driving erratically, I just think that person is damn lucky that I’m not a cop, and get the hell away from them. The day the local PD starts sending me paychecks is the day that I feel obligated to do something about it.

I don’t think i’ve ever had a scenario like that where I dropped a drunk off, and be told by him/her that they going to drive their car. I might call 911 but I am certainly not going to physically try to stop them.

You should come to Houston and check out the SEVEN crosses at one intersection where a drunk driver killed an entire family. Kids, parents, grandparents. How would you feel if you dropped off the pax, did nothing, and saw the next day on the news that they killed seven people? Because you didn’t want to get THEM in trouble?

It’s frightning someone has to ask about doing the right thing. You essentially put a drunk driver on the road and did nothing to stop it. Had they killed a family, that would be on you.

It’s nuts. The drivers who do not call 911 shouldn’t be driving. They give us a bad reputation. If you don’t care about calling 911, you probably don’t care about anything else. If you do, you have serious problems.

You’re still not getting it though. That’s the problem. Somehow, for some reason you have an issue with the police first of all and yet they are the first ones to help you out. Gangbanger or not.

If I saw my pax shooting up in his car where I just dropped him off I would call that in too. No one is ratting out anyone, no one is snitching, no one is doing anything but letting the police know, that the guy you know, is drunk and is driving.

No, it’s not your job, but it’s a good thing to do. Better yet, think of it as covering your own ass. If the drunk kills somebody, the victim’s lawyers are going to find every possible person to collect from. That will likely include the person who drove the drunk to the car and watched him get into it and didn’t report.

They are getting into Amber alerts now, probably to look good I’ll give you that. Go tell your family, priest someone you regard highly and let them know you are not calling 911. I can’t imagine they would be anything but disappointed. Sad.

Oh, heaven forbid that somebody MIGHT do something wrong. I really don’t know what world some of you live in. There might be an incident. In most cases, there probably won’t be. We can’t logically deal with what “might” happen.

Umm wow… first off she was NOT a rational thinking adult at that time for obvious reasons you stated. 2nd if you saw someone breaking into someone’s house or saw a couple fighting on the side of the street and one punches the other, you don’t feel it’s your civilian duty to try to help others that could or would have their safety inflicted upon?

My only responsibility in this situation is to get my pax safely from her pick up location to the destination of her choosing. If she had wanted to be dropped off in a crime ridden area on the corner, I would have dropped her off there. I cannot stop adults from their free will and choices.

I would call 911 because I couldn’t live with the guilt of hearing on the news the next morning that that driver killed an innocent person. I think that would haunt me the rest of my life. I think sometimes doing the right thing is a very hard thing to do and this is one of those times.