Police giving me a warning

I was stopped by the police driving down Metropolitan Pkwy about 20 minutes ago trying to get home after dropping off my neighbor at work.
Police:Maam, I stopped you because you were going over the 35 mph speed limit.
Me: Yes sir, I was speeding. I’m sorry, but I am too nervous driving down Metropolitan Pkwy at night. I am trying to make it home. I just dropped off a pax at a night club.:neutral_face::neutral_face:
Officer: Ok, Are you a Lyft driver?
Officer: Can I see your drivers license?
ME:Yes I am. I hand him my license.
Officer walked to the car, but didn’t get in, he instead walked back to my car and said" Slow down please. I understand that you are nervous about this area, so this time I am just giving out a warning. "
Me: Thank you officer…drives home safely.
That was a close call.

Good for you. If your nervous about certain areas of the city you may consider finding other ways of making money. I feel ya and I was in that situation in college park once. It was my last day

Definitely you are in the wrong occupation… and wrong city… I don’t know where you live but you can get got anywhere down here… hopefully that was just something that you told the police!

I had an officer let me go for speeding as well when he seen I was trying to get home around 2am and had been Working Uber and lyft. I was so happy lol

Better be glad didn’t ask
For that waybill lol I’m too scared to use Lyft as an excuse for that very reason.
Blessed has nothing do to with it hahaha Yes, it was great that he was the one that pulled over you.

lmaooo dont do Métropolitain like that But if I was stopped Ill be saying the same thing for all of our seasoned areas in Atlanta…even tho I go there intentionally.

Just remember, the FASTER you move, the MORE you have to LOOK & BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS AT ALL TIMES!!!

Also, you’ll have to master the art of using the heel-foot-pivot manuever to smoothly start, stop & accelerate your vehicle.

I speed everytime but never was stopped. wow you meet a nice cop in that area. You must be slow next time its for your own good and to keep you safe. Cheer to that cop…

It happen to me also I didn’t know it was police over there…thats where I usually speed in that area and say “Aint no police over here” although they about to build a station over there. Good to know they just warn you… Keep safe!

I’m more scared in the backwoods of Buckhead. I don’t discriminate at night. Lol. I feel the same way in Alpharetta late-night when I am stopped at a traffic light that is taking forever to change.

Do you think it would have been a different outcome if It was a young black male? Not sure. My sons had been stopped by the police and their outcome have been positive. But at the same time, I’m sure he would have ran their tags and DL first.

I did what I was supposed to do, and when I saw those lights behind me I immediately turned off the road and had my DL dangling out of the window. Lol. That made a world of difference, I guess. I keep myself calm and maybe explain why I drive that speed

I do the same thing when I’m in the area I’m not comfortable with. I would. You can trust no neighborhood these days. They are all not safe at night. Maybe I will do what I want to do… Lol