Please, young men, stop with the excess cologne, air fresheners

You do not smell that bad and your passengers don’t either.

A light clean scent is fine, if someone is funky, open your windows and just spray some scent and drive around for a few minutes and it should go away.

I should not have to break out my asthma inhaler, Flonase, a box of Kleenex and take a dose of Claritin just for a 5 minute ride in your car.#youknowwhoyouare

I usually get a 3star or lower rating because pax who feel the same as you. I’m sorry if you have to use all of those things for a five minute drive but hey it could be worse

stop using all that crap in your car and your ratings will improve. Don’t keep doing the same thing and getting low ratings. That’s stupid. Don’t justify this behavior.

i like my car to smell fresh it’s not stupid. Is it stupid to think we have to stop using products that smell good because you and others have a condition that effects your respiratory system? I take the bad rating along with the good ones. I receive more compliments than complaints. I don’t like smoke of any kind or smell of food or greasy clothing body odor hanging around with me. Crack the window give the driver a rating and chill.

it’s matter of opinion. I like the smell of it and so do most pax it’s usually the people who respiratory problems that complain or just cough the whole ride. Would you rather i let the car smell of what the last pax was doing like smoking a cigarette or Baconator from Wendy or Jeff from the gym? I understand your point of view but you have to take into consideration the point of the driver as well.

I use frebreze , linen sky. Smells just like laundry. My rating is fine. I only come across two people like you for every three hundred rides. It’s not a big deal

you don’t have to get that close if you drive enough or if you are a pax you will come in contact with at least one person who’s breath stinks loud enough

This is what I’m taking about 1 tree, not 5. I once road in a car with 5 different scents, 3 were in the vents and 2 were those cans, that was overkill. and the other day rode in a car that smelled like the just washed it with ax body spray, it was crazy.

I’m sure u do but Im saying I have picked ladies that have on enough perfume to choke a goat especially on Sunday morning that’s why I said that’s a 2 way street

I needed that earlier when I had picked up this guy. Had both windows down and still it wouldn’t make a difference so I had to put down the windows behind him. Kinda worked but oh well.

Yea but i picked up a young lady the smelled like a sardines and took her from East Point to Ellenwood! The scent seem to come in layers from the back seat!