Please stop calling for the destination ahead of time

Fellow drivers, I have love for you all and wish you the best however on top of driving part-time I am a frequent rider when I travel for my full-time job. I will cancel you and immediately report you to Uber/Lyft. It’s a terrible practice and not to mention you set up your fellow driver for failure with a pissed off rider who has been cancelled on.

Abioye, if you are in this group you missed out on a $40 trip from Woodstock to the airport and a $20 cash tip yesterday.

You gotta understand though… Some people’s cars won’t make it that far… Or they don’t want to drive to help and back… Our they don’t want money… You know, reasons.

For all that energy to cancel, request a new ride and contact Uber… You could have just gave them your destination and been on your way.

Lol, well if riders don’t start reporting things like this then drivers will think it’s completely ok to cherry pick and call ahead for the destination.

I can see that…but hell, I’ve cherry picked for closer destinations…i had something to take care of and didnt want to deal with the hassle of missing my appt.

Y’all can report all you want… What will Uber do…send an email and they will keep driving. Call a damn Cab next time and you won’t have those issues

I just called a pax today, to introduce myself and get his destination. Why? Because I was headed to the gas station in the opposite direction if his location when the ping came in, and I wanted to know if I had to get gas based on the distance, and if this was a more time-sensitive short ride and I need to get right there. I have never cancelled on a package because of their destination, so please know that not all calls beforehand are ill-intentioned. I sincerely meant it as a courtesy

I’m guessing you mean in the tank (not in the car), but gas runs out when you’re making lots of runs back to back, so you do have to re-fill up occasionally, obviously, and that might happen in the middle of a shift. Furthermore, I had an out-of-town appt to go to coming up and I needed to know timing-wise whether I could make this pax trip, get gas, and make my appt on time, or make it there without gas, so sometimes it’s a little more complicated logistically than just “keep gas in your car, get it before you pick up”, ya know? :blush:

I do cancel based on their destinations, if it is after 12 Mid or 1 AM and I don’t want to end up in a place like Dallas, Ga. Or, if I am already 30 miles outside of Atlanta, and the rider is trying to go further north, south, east or west – I’m not going. I kindly ask them to cancel, because I need to head back to Atlanta. We are NOT employees of Uber or Lyft, we are individual business owners, and we decide where and when we should limit our destinations. We are primarily obligated to drive in the Atlanta area.

Fellow driver, this is a business not a hobby. No one in their right mind would enter into a deal knowing they are going to continue to lose money. We are independent contractors, it’s about time you drivers starting acting like it.

I live in Kennesaw. Frequently get ride requests in woodstock… that’s 20-30 minutes away depending on lights and traffic. Explain to me, why in the HELL I would drive from Kennesaw to woodstock to take someone a mile or two up the street?

Next time, if the driver is over 15 minutes away… give them the benefit of the doubt, they just want to be sure they’re inline to make a profit.

So you can’t predict the future? How do you the next run will not be to the airport after you drop that short run off? You don’t. Your example is narrow minded

Because late at night… there’s not likely to be another run until u get back to Kennesaw.

Literally, EVERY DRIVER WITH A BRAIN ensures they always operate in profit.

Also… I don’t know what the next ride will be. But I refuse to operate at a net loss. Ever. End of the discussion.

That’s what this boils down to.

You, are okay losing money on a ride because it MIGHT result in a higher paying ride.

I, along with every other driver with a brain, refuses to lose money on a ride. Because if I got the short ping, I’ll probably get that ‘longer ride’ as well.

Please… We are not out here to volunteer our services. When I decide to volunteer, I will do it outside the app, where I can’t be rated by some unappreciated Pax who just wants to rate you a 1-Star just to feel superior.

Email Uber and tell them you call for the destination, post the response. If they say it’s permitted than I’ll agree with you. Independent contractor does not put a big S on your chest and say you can do what you want. There are still guidelines to follow. I love how you guys justify this. If you can’t complete the trip you accepted than find something else to do with your time.

Gladly. Because it happens all the time. As independent contractor’s, we have the right to ensure we make a profit on each ride. We have the right to refuse a ride, that results in us operating at a net less.

Are we supposed to be psychic? Are we supposed to be already know where they are going, when the app doesn’t say anything on the matter?

I just wish that the destination popped up before we even accept the trip…i was online one day, and accepted a trip from decatur…within one minute, the pax calls and says he is heading to South Carolina…i immediately told him i wouldn’t be able to do so, due to me driving part time and had to be home by the time my son got out of school…he understood, and said to just cancel…i was grateful for him calling before i got to where he was to be picked up from

Right so wat guidelines is she talking bout… Cuz even if I accept a trip if you going far I’m canceling … I dont get paid enough money to take no one out of town or out my way… Independent Contractor .