Please slow down and be careful

Fellow ride-share drivers, PLEASE SLOW DOWN on roads - especially through school zones!!! Is rushing to get a fare worth a person’s life or yours?!? One of my neighborhood crossing guards was killed this morning by an UBER driver as she was trying to escort kids safely across a busy 4-lane. Evidently, the driver decided to use the median turning lane to get around slow traffic and hit the crossing guard as she stood in the median directing traffic. I couldn’t do anything but cry and pray for the family of that sweet little lady who served her community faithfully for so many years. Your prayers and continued safe driving is greatly appreciated going forward.

The news os reporting it was an Uber driver too. So sad :disappointed_relieved:. Very devastating! We all need to learn to slow down. Out of curiosity what happened to the car? Why is the door and roof missing?

I have to say that here in ATL I see many more drivers that drive off the road to bypass traffic than I saw in Los Angeles and Los Angeles traffic is much worse. I have seen drivers do things here in ATL that I have never seen in Los Angeles. RIP!

I am glad I am not the only one that noticed. Here are some of the things that I have seen that usually don’t happen in LA. Bumper to bumper accident: Here drivers will stop in the middle of the road regardless of all traffic being blocked, People stopping to get a person off their car and taking a very long time while they say good bye also stopping all traffic. But what really gets me is that the people that are being blocked don’t do anything but wait patiently. But I am getting used to it :slight_smile: Regardless, moving from LA to ATL was a good decision

You are so on point my experiences exactly! What is so funny when I first moved here my son was 12 he brought it to my attention! Lol he said “Mama they don’t stop for the ambulance lights”. Lol

I have taken cafeteria workers to that school you have to be careful at all times but especially on a school this could have been worse she was doing her job crossing children safely sorry for her family but thar driver need help why are you driving like that

I don’t get it!!! Why are you rushing to pick up a fare that was sent to YOUR phone?? Now let’s look at this for a couple of minutes; you already have the passenger on the hook, so there is no reason to drive recklessly; they (Uber) will not drop thefare from you unless they have found you a closer match; the passenger probably won’t cancel because they will be charged a fee which you collect!!!

So now, you can no longer drive for Uber, and guess what boo boo kitty, if you was also a Lyft driver, you can forget that too!! Lyft goes and checks everyone’s driving record at least once a year and if they see infractions on there, bye bye bye!!

My condolences to that family that has to deal with this loss (unnecessary loss)

Not to mention probably vehicular homicide due to the fact it was a school zone. Many driving infractions with speeding in school zone. Going over median moving violation. Going about a bus(we presume)
So if she is a parent I suggest her watch some prison movies and get accustomed to the new life. Sorry I’m a future lawyer.

That is heartbreaking! People do need to slow down and have more patience on the road. The goal is to get to all your destinations safely without harm to yourself or anyone else! I pray for this ladies family.

Omg! I seen some of the reaper of this , this morning. Not knowing it was a former uber driver but knowing that I seen white sheets wasn’t a pleasant situation. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with both families, and God I pray that God can console the crossing guard family in the deepest time of need

I don’t know if anyone would be comfortable doing this but maybe some of us should go to the wake or funeral to show our respects you know? Last thing we need tight now is for them to ban Uber due to some individuals behavior. One it would be a good look for us and then two the community can see that they are family and we care as well. But if not I’m sorry for the suggestion

No one said he was driving for Uber at the time only that his car had the Uber decal.
Also it was stated he had his child in the backseat if true I am mlre than sure his app was not on to work

I saw the children on all the buses and hoped they didnt see her like that. Prayers to you and yours. I feel so bad for her family and the kids that saw this tragedy.

All we have to do is pray for those who are aggressive drivers, to keeping in mind about others lives. It’s a shame that people have no patience any more.
So sad my she Rest In Peace :pray:t5:

Can the UBER/LYFT community put together some type of charity donation to this Family impacted? Please offer the family comfort for me. I saw the entire ordeal. I never want to see anything like that again.

He was going so fast when he hit her she went 25ft in the air. Whatever he was doing could have waited till she was done man frfr! That shit not right​:rage: He must have been going pretty fast and distracted by something. This is very sad. :cry:

Great suggestion! I will check with the LMS Principal to see how we can contact the victim’s family to find out their immediate needs. It would really say something to the Family and the local Community that this poor choice by a fellow Drive Partner is not representative of the group…
I would also be great if UBER/LYFT match the donations.