Please post with sense

Just to clear things up so folks can stay out of admin inboxes with inquiries and finger pointing. Some people are on approval only status for their posts. Reason being that some of their posts don’t have anything to do with rideshare, or are just redundant musings that really belong on their personal page. People like to use this group as their blog/vlog. Which is cool sometimes if the posts are teachable moments. But when they are not, it gets tiresome to clean up constantly.

No one wants to watch a live video of you brushing your hair for five minutes and smoking weed while listening to Migos or whatever that was. So if you are wondering why your posts are not being posted, that’s why. Maybe this announcement will help you in the future when you try posting again.

I get tired of the msg, from people who say they want to “help” share with members of the group… you’re gonna “help members make more money” by offering a product or service you happen to have or sell?

(and in this message, they NEVER once use the words “advertise”, “solicit”, “spam”, or “sell”) for some reason they keep implying that they are “helping” someone.

I always report posts like that. They don’t have to use the words sell or advertise. I knew i had missed something lol :joy::joy::joy: but I’m just being a smart ass per usual :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Can i nominate some people for restricted posting?

I’d love to watch a video of me brushing my hair for 5 minutes…because then I wouldn’t be bald!!! Lol I’ll relieve some of your stress!!! My bad i ain’t gone do it again … Don’t be judging me

But…I have an absolutely RIVETING video of me vacuuming my stairs that I’d like to share… I forget to use the crevas tool. To get those hard to reach spots where all the big clumps hide at too.

Can approving post go into full affect after super bowl please . Asking for real drivers of Atlanta Posts referring to mechanics… How do we feel about these? I have yet to receive a answer, thank you for looking out.

Actually I typed a response last night. Looks like I forgot to hit submit. We don’t mind mechanic posts, as long as they don’t post day in and out. People can always use keywords to search for what they want.

The well known mechanic in the group. But he never posts about his services. He lets word of mouth do it for him.

Okay, sounds good. I’ve been trying to break the ice and develop long term relationships with my customers. I’ve had a lot of success on these groups and I appreciate your guys willingness to help. I look forward to more work and I’ll try not to post repeatedly. thank you to you again as well.

Later in the week I will create a master thread for mechanics, tires, etc. You can list your services/ specialties there.

So that’s why mine is up for approval? But why? All my posts are rideshare related. Smh. I know what to do from this point forward. I see so many post that are not rideshare related but still get approved. Oh well.

The hypocripcy…lol I see comments that are not rideshare related but still make it on here. I’m starting to take it personal. Lol. It’s all good. It’s just a sign for me. Have a good day.

They have FAVORITES!!! Grow a spine & a backbone. They do it ALL the time. They’re just flimsy & wishy-washy. Then have the audacity to censor comments & DELETE LEGITIMATE RIDESHARE-RELATED POSTS!!!

Yep, all day long. That’s why I am about to limit my use of this page and move on. I see it as a sign for me to focus on my personal life. Lol. I just screenshot a NON rideshare related post, so they can cut the fake news with me. Lol. We are adults just be real.

If you see anything that you feel isn’t rideshare related, report the post or tag an admin. There are eight of us and someone will take care of it.

We don’t always catch everything, and oftentimes Facebook doesn’t even let us see things in chronological order.